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Reviewed by roiduring 1 / 10

0 Creativity

This movie is one of the worst I have ever seen in my life. The people behind this piece of crap are amateurs at best, no talent, no creativity, nothing.

I can't even believe a movie like that managed to see the light of day. The camera work is awful, sometimes you can't see anything and some angles don't make sense at all.

Please stay away from this, it's just a total waste of time with nothing redeemable about it, not even a decent ending either. You will feel cheated out of an hour and a half of your life.

There is some suspense but nothing special. And nothing happens that will make you feel like it was worth watching.

Don't, just don't...

Reviewed by Charles Wheeler 1 / 10

Possibly the most boring movie I've ever watched

And I've watched some bad ones.

The movie just drags and the sound is bad at times. I take it we're supposed to be hearing it like the 3rd person. It plays out like a high school movie project.

Parts are looped like we're supposed to feel like the hacker is replaying the exchanges in their head or it's supposed to incite fear.

I'm not even sure what was supposed to be watching the character at times. Considering the angles they show it at.

And the ending, without spoiling it it was juts god awful.

All in all, one of the worst movies.

Reviewed by Paul Day II 7 / 10


One of the reasons I explore the out of the way places when it comes to film. Low budget and shot mostly on webcams, this movie evokes a sense of dread and horror without showing a drop of blood. The moral, if there is one, says that danger in the 21st century no longer needs mass or form.

Emma is surrounded by the technology that slowly becomes a menace to her as a stalker takes over her devices and the devices of others. A nameless presence oozes through the movie with no clear indication of who or why - it's just nameless malice floating through the same ether as the wireless signals that connect her. As such, it's filmed entirely on hand-held, cell phone and webcam. While this gets annoying at times, the filmmakers break up with some nice editing moves. The performances are solid and engaging. The stark, brutal ending horrified me with its unspoken implications.

(BTW - to the person who trashed this, insisting that the rating was inflated, I didn't even know this film existed. If you didn't like it (and I'm betting the lack of nudity and gore played a part in that) that's fine. But don't be a dick.)

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