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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CCharlesIC 9 / 10

Primer on the looming extinction.

An excellent overview of the situation which all inhabitants of the earth are facing. While I didn't much care for the "Save the Whales" mentality which bookends this documentary, I do recognize that this is a point to which the general public can relate.

The core of the issue is found in the middle third of this film: acidification. To summarize; what good is saving whales, dolphins, tuna, or seahorses now if all sea life will be extinct in the 23rd century? Kelp and jellyfish excluded. That is the issue of ocean acidification which excess CO² exacerbates, so watch that portion of this documentary twice. Then perhaps watch a Ted Talk or read a book on this specific subject. I would recommend the talks given by Dr. Alex Cannara; Acidification, Climate & Energy found at youtu(dot)be/rzoW_cVg2hE.

If you don't catch this idea in the film, I'll spell it out here. Plankton (Pteropods) do three things; 1) they absorb CO² and sequester it in their tiny shells which fall to the bottom of the ocean should they not get eaten. 2) Pteropods are sometimes eaten and form the base of the oceanic food chain. Nearly half the human population lives near the ocean and is part of that food chain. 3) As these bit of plankton take in CO² for nourishment, they also give off oxygen. In fact, slightly more than half of all oxygen on Earth is resupplied in this fashion.

Currently Pteropods are already under duress as a species and numbers have begun to dwindle. Extinction in the 23rd century for nearly all invertebrates & vertebrates is looming - and human activities are 99% of the problem. As I wrote above, watch the middle third of this documentary closely. We have a few decades to avoid this extinction scenario. Let's act wisely.

Reviewed by Ornlu Wolfjarl 6 / 10

Good message but not that great as a documentary.

The message contained in this documentary is a very important one and it should be watched and understood by as many people as possible. The problem is that the direction of it is kind of dull. It jumps from point to point without much cohesion. It doesn't contain anything you haven't heard before. I found the editing to be a little choppy, cutting off interviews mid-sentence to show us an image then continuing half a minute later. Nitpicky stuff, I know, but they can become distracting.

The more serious issue, for me, is that we have a very good presentation of the problem, but we have very little talk about solutions to the problem other than "don't give in and be hopeful and come help us protest". Which is a good reaction, but not a good solution.

It's more of a sensationalist presentation that will try to sensitize you into action, rather than break down the problem and possible solutions to it. It brings a breath of naive hopefulness with it, accompanied with profound sadness, which make for a good combination.

If you are interested in the more in-depth aspects of environmental dangers we face today, then I suggest you find another documentary to watch, such as The Corporation, Earth, Crude Awakening and others.

Reviewed by claudia-04393 10 / 10

use your brain

The documentary is excellent. The mentioned the main reason for global warming, however it feels like it is just a mention. It is good in a way. People who pay attention to every word in this documentary, will feel the need to watch more, to get more knowledge. I consider this to be a excellent starting point for someone who is disconnected. Most humans don't make the connection because of the media propaganda. I really like that it doesn't have a lot of graphic content. if you want graphic content and you are ready you can watch Earthlings. The best ideas from this movie is the ways they implement to change the world. There are 2 approaches that changed my hopes when i do activism. I will not spoil the movie for you. i am just going to say the video technique used in the restaurant and then in New York and then the guy who changes a whole town in Mexico business structure for a sustainable new way to earn a living.

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