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Bruce Willis as Eddie
Claire Forlani as Karen
John Brotherton as Nicholas
Lydia Hull as Jenna
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ripvanvinkel 2 / 10

Save yourself the aggravation and don't watch this movie.

This is a movie that suffers from a bad script, acting, directing ... just a bad movie overall.A movie so bad it makes bad look movies look good.

There is absolutely no acting from anyone of the actors. The Story line is lame and the acting even lamer. Each actor looked like they had to have their teeth pulled to utter their lines. Claire Forlaine looks old enough to be the lead actors Mother. I have no idea what Bruce Wills was doing in the movie and Jenna B Kelly cant act to save herself. The rest of the cast was there in the movie to make sure a bad movie stayed bad.

The boat chase scene is the only scene that is barely watchable. Jenna B Kelly except for looking good cant do anything else. I have seen novices act better.

Seriously save your self the trouble and skip this movie.

Reviewed by niutta-enrico 5 / 10

Precious Cargo: a lower than average action movie.

An action movie with some good scenes, some good lines (best of them being a drunk Nick Loeb asking 'What brings you to Thailand?' and Mark-Paul Gosselaar replying 'Thailand? We are in Mississippi man…'), some good ideas and some good character (Logan, played by Jenna B. Kelly above all).

In the end, however, the cast fails to catch, the plot doesn't entertain and the film doesn't work.

Probably Claire Forlani shouldn't be older than MP Gosselaar, surely some key scenes (the boat chase, the final showdown, the heist…) should be more convincing.

And the presence of Bruce Willis only worsens the things because it heightens the expectations. A few more films like this and his tough-guy character risks to become laughable.

Reviewed by Tony Heck 5 / 10

This is nothing that is amazing or something to rush out and see, but this is something to rent and lay back and enjoy.

"There's no calling the police." When a heist goes wrong people get upset. Karen (Forlani) is put in a position to fix it or deal with the fallout. Left with no other option she goes to the only person she can trust; Jack (Gosselaar). Now the two must do whatever they can to complete the mission, but when personal issues get in the way things get even more complicated. This is becoming a standard Bruce Willis movie. He's in this for about 5 minutes and looks annoyed that he is even in this movie. That said, the rest of the actors and story are actually not that bad at all. Gosselaar does a really good job carrying this movie and even though this is a low budget B movie it was entertaining, exciting, and really fun to watch. This is nothing that is amazing or something to rush out and see, but this is something to rent and lay back and enjoy. Overall, one of the better low budget action movies to come out in a long time. I give this a B.

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