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Abigail Breslin as Sandra Anderson
Georgie Henley as Beth Anderson
Mira Sorvino as Linda / Perfect Mom
Spencer Breslin as Cousin Derek
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sltfilho 4 / 10

Good acting, good story, amateurish direction & cinematography

I was looking for some gripping, even chilling story about dysfunctional teenagers. Like what we saw in "Thirteen", which was a great movie, but now with a - true - crime story. Nah.

The director has been a producer for over 30 years and got some famous people to act in it. The actresses (the three of them) are really good. However, the direction takes a completely wrong turn, trying to make it a "dark teen fantasy-comedy-thriller-drama" salad. For instance, you start to wonder how two young girl plan the murders and... you have four teenagers enacting fantasies about murder. That's so not the thing this film should portray.

All the intentions to connect with teenagers were completely flawed. Bad soundtrack, TERRIBLE montage effects, ludicrous mixture of genres, awful cinematography work. It's like parents using slang. All the attempts to highlight the medium -- divided screen, special lights, accelerated camera -- are pathetic and would not even work in an MTV show in 1997. It's not a film for teenagers -- and if it was supposed to be, it didn't work either.

There are scenes that people's faces are covered by SOMEONE'S HEAD -- and not intentionally! Unbelievable. If you are a director making a debut, be humble and let a competent cinematographer AND editor do their jobs. How beautiful this film would

On the top of that, a voice-over starts giving ANOTHER angle on the film -- those films about bitchy teenagers obsessed with fame, kind of like To Die For from Gus Van Sant -- only to forget about it minutes later and never coming back to that.

Anyways. I was interested in the story, and through all the amateur work I could grasp something from it. The two girls are great actresses, and Mira Sorvino portrays precisely the thin line between a likable weak person and a wreck that screws up their children.

Somewhere I heard this: some people don't have to work their way into the center of the stage. They can pull strings and buy themselves into it. Question is: are they ready for it?

Reviewed by raynaking0 4 / 10

Kind of disappointing

I had such high hopes for this movie. I love Abigail Breslin so I figured this movie would be good. It was definitely NOT good but it wasn't necessarily the worst movie ever. The acting wasn't very good at all. So overly dramatic. Im not sure if it was the actress though since she is actually very talented. Maybe a bad director? The other actress was just plain bad. I don't even remember her name. I believe she was the little girl from Narnia but I'm not sure. I really liked the plot I just couldn't get pass the horrible acting. I'm giving this movie 4 stars because even though the acting was awful (except for the actress who played the mother she was excellent!) I really liked the storyline. The movie didn't feel dragged out or rushed. It was put together nicely. It's worth at least one watch. Don't think I'll ever watch it again.

Reviewed by yashaswi kumarakalva 9 / 10

Good movie, great story, bad direction and editing

I watched perfect sisters for the same reason everyone else did, Abigail Breslin. The little girl who, with her cute charm, mesmerized us in any a movie like 'little miss sunshine' and 'zombieland' has been away from a good movie for quite some time. This movie tries to change that.... I hope. Abigail Breslin and Georgie Henley are two sisters who have faced a lot of hardship in life; their mother is an alcoholic prone to dating the worst of men, who tend to abuse them and their little half brother. When things get very rough, and they find no option to make their lives better, they decide to kill their mother in hope of claiming her life insurance money and leading a life their mother could never provide them. They sketch a plan and kill her, only to be traumatized by the experience. They eventually get caught and are sentenced to ten years in prison, the judge giving the reason that people with a lot worse have done a lot better than they have. The central core of the story is based on a true story, which is what makes thus easier to believe. Many of the children today are growing up to become something the society does not need, and all this due to lack of good parenting. Niw what must a child do to make his/her life better? Well, this movie dwells into one such tale where the children take it into their own hands. The direction is poor, but the movie is held together by good acting. The element that hurts moat is how a couple of perfect girls, who could have achieved anything in life, turn to killing their mother. This is probably what many people cant stomach, and thus end up giving a bad rating, but this is life.. People face such problems and don't know what to do in these situations. That is why i gave the movie a good rating, fir the director and writer for sharing with us a part of someone's life, a part that people like us living in high luxury may never know of. Watch this movie with a clear mind, and you may feel it too...

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