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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by James Edward Boyle 8 / 10

If only every film could have the star in the audience!

I was invited to the world premier of this film at the TriBeCa Film Festival, in New York. I say invited, as if my life is some sort of glamorous affair. In reality, a mate at work couldn't make it, and he knew I'd have no actual plans, so I eagerly obliged.

Just before the movie started, the 350 or so people in the audience got what they wanted, as the man himself stood up and raised his hand to the instagram happy crowd. Just knowing Pele was in the audience gave the room a little extra energy.

Perhaps a little naive, I knew a little about Pele's playing career but little of the man and, the journey to what he became. The film follows his early years with friends at home, up until he becomes 17 and plays for Brazil in the 1958 World Cup in Sweden. There's enough humour, big laughs, drama, and passion in the film that will translate to fans familiar with the legend and those who may have only heard of him.

The real treat, were the applause, and cheering from the audience when the on-screen Pele scored. His hand went up in recognition and the cheers got louder. I was pleased that despite the film keeping my attention he may have nodded off, he's knocking on a bit.

I waited outside afterward and managed to get a signed Santos shirt from him, which kinda gave me goose pimples, and rammed home the magnitude of who this man was, and what he had done for the game. My dad would have been proud. Sadly the shirt is the guys from work, so I'm currently deciding whether to buy a replica shirt and say I didn't get it, or beginning to practice the man's signature! That's okay, isn't it...

I did snap a selfie. Insta - Jamesbydesign

Reviewed by David Ferguson 7 / 10

It's a kick

Greetings again from the darkness. From rags to riches … a common expression that often leads to a paint-by-numbers movie. Co-directors Jeff Zimbalist and Michael Zimbalist are fortunate in that their "coming of age" subject is the globally famous Pele' – often considered the greatest soccer/futbol player of all-time.

Rather than revisit the career of the transcendent player who later dedicated his life to humanitarian causes, the film kicks off with a 17 year old Pele trotting out onto the pitch at the 1958 World Cup. It then flashes back 8 years to when 9 year old "Dico" was growing up in the slums of Sao Paulo. We get to see his relationship with his family … his dad taught him to play, and his friends were loyal to him and encouraged him to pursue his dream.

There are some similarities to "The Sandlot" as we watch the joy these boys have in playing the sport whenever and wherever they can … plus the origin of the somewhat derogatory and now immortal nickname. It seemed that Pele' was able to carry this love of the game throughout his career. We see boys huddled around a radio listening to the 1950 World Cup as Brazil's team was humiliated … an event that played a role in Pele' returning pride to a bruised country.

Kevin de Paula plays Pele' as he works his way up through the age groups and national teams. Often the youngest and shortest player, the film depicts him as a shy kid often out of his element … the polar opposite to the beaming superstar we so often saw later in his career. There is an explanation of the roots of the "Ginga" style and its ties to the Brazilian culture and martial arts.

For some reason, Vincent D'Onofrio is cast as Brazil's Coach Feola and we are forced to endure a tortuous accent that is basically inexcusable these days. There are also some exaggerations in the crowd scenes and shots of the press, though young de Paula underplays the lead. Colm Meaney plays George Raynor, the coach of Sweden in that infamous 1958 World Cup, and we do get a cute little cameo from Pele' himself.

The film does a nice job with the young man's childhood and progression towards superstar (the IOC named him the athlete of the century). He is presented as close to his family, and inherently quiet and calm. The match clips of Pele' that play over the closing credits are proof that a movie just can't capture the transcendence of his talent. Pele' is truly the reason it's "the beautiful game".

Reviewed by Saurabh Tripathi 8 / 10

This is more than just a mere football movie

PELE is probably the biggest name in the soccer history that has shaped & shifted the current playing style of modern day game. The extravagant career speaks for itself. The movie shows us the making & coming to be of PELE.

I see a lot pf people saying this movie is predictable, not so good & what not. to all of them & most importantly to all of u i say, this movie is more than just a football movie. Not every movie is supposed to be a thriller or an Avenger movie. simple things in life have a way of getting to us.

This movie is about small & humble beginnings, its about friendship , its about believing in one self, taking the risk. Movie shows us that is does not matter if u have all the resources or opportunities in the world. if u keep at it, if u find something that you are passionate about & stick to it, day by day, night after night, the results speak for itself.

Movie has amazing moments, really great camera work. one of the best for all the soccer movies out there. Even if one know nothing about the legend that PELE is, once you are into the movie, you cant resist to feel the journey he is going to make in life. I was finding myself constantly tears of joy rolling down my cheek coz i was hooked into the movie. had soo many of those watering your eyes moments that once the movie was over, i was filled with joy and happiness to have witness such a good work of art.

Acting & direction is simple & stunning. camera-work is amazing , specially in those moments you want to fell the greatness of the legend, the movie gives you that.

I'll keep going back to watching this movie , just to feel that joy of watching something beautiful in the making again & again.

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