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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mig_gtaiv 8 / 10

I don't care what the critics say, I enjoyed it from start to finish!

Upon seeing the trailer I was hesitant that it might be good but I decided to give it a shot and watched it during its premiere.

And boy, was I surprised!

I absolutely loved the simple things that foreshadow the events of the actual story: James Hook using a hook in the mining scene, the ticktock of the bomb that he placed to set Peter free, Tiger Lily scaring Hook with the crocodile and many more. I have to give credit to the writer with his different take on the Peter Pan story.

Also, the friendship between Hook and Peter was great, they got each other's backs, with Hook saving Peter and vice-versa, kinda sad that they'll eventually end up as enemies since this movie established that relationship.

Everyone was right for the role, Hugh Jackman was amazing as the villain, how he looked here made me forget that he is Wolverine. Rooney Mara was dashing in her Tiger Lily role and performed well even though she was Caucasian in contrast to the natives. Garrett Hedlund played this cocky, playboy-type, off-character Hook who always provides the laughable comebacks. Levi Miller was great as Peter, that dude's going places.

Although, I have to note the lack of battle between Peter and Blackbeard, since the prophecy stated that the former will defeat the latter. They should have put at least a short duel between the two because that'd be amazing.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the film, I don't care what the Rotten Tomatoes rating or critics say!

Reviewed by dutchs-1 8 / 10

Why the hate?

How dumb do you have to be to misunderstand a movie like Pan? Because this movie has generated some of the dumbest review comments I've ever seen. "There's no Wendy." Because this is a PREquel. Look up "pre" in a dictionary. "It's dark." All fairy tales are, and their modern imitations like Peter Pan or Pinocchio have to be, too, to remain true to the genre. Fairy tales originated in a time when meeting wolves and bears in the woods was all too likely, and they weren't cute and anthropomorphic, either. And the original Grimm stories, unlike their sanitized modern retellings, carried the clear message that Awful Things happen to Naughty Children Who Don't Obey The Rules. The prize comment was someone complaining that a flying pirate ship over WWII London was unrealistic. So name some historical periods when it WAS realistic.

Overall it's a satisfying action story, and wholly undeserving of the scorn some reviewers have dumped on it. The weakest links are Garrett Hedlund as Hook (still a good guy at this point) and Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily. Hedlund tries to be Harrison Ford, complete with Indiana Jones' hat and Han Solo's flying off to save his own skin but coming back to save the day, but he just doesn't have charisma. Neither does Tiger Lily, who's pretty but bland, and goes through life with a deer in the headlights expression. They're both stiff and lifeless.

Reviewed by Lovell allen 10 / 10

Best Pan Movie.

This is without a doubt the most enjoyable pan movie I have come across. I have just reached home from the cinema, and want to go back so I can watch it all over again.

I was able to watch this film in 3D boy did it stimulate my acrophobia,there was some view and angles from some amazing heights that I literally held my breath at times,

The film had some truly amazing sets,and scenery with a melody of vibrant colors and musicality from you entered into Neverland, with the aforementioned heights and the displays of camera movements to fully embrace the dreamy state of it all was beautifully done

It was great to see this rendition of Peter pan answering such questions as,why Pan is able to fly? and why he has so much confidence?

Pan ended with you (me) wanting more, needing to find out what happened between Pan and Hook.

It has everything you want in a family movie.

The only down side in my opinion (not the strange songs that didn't seem to fit because I did sing along in the cinema), but the natives? who actually looked like a bunch of kidnapped Londoners who escaped and put on colorful native clothing.... They didn't look native at all.

I need it to do better, because ... I need Pan 2.

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