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Bill Nighy as Socrates
Zachary Gordon as Norm Cub
Ken Jeong as Mr. Greene
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by touristica-83924 10 / 10

An excellent family movie.

Norm (Rob Schneider) the polar bear doesn't know how to hunt, but he does possess the unique ability to talk to humans. When the wealthy Mr. Greene (Ken Jeong) unveils his idea to build luxury condos in the Arctic, Norm realizes that his beloved home is in jeopardy. Accompanied by three mischievous lemmings, Norm stows away on a ship to New York. Once there, he meets a surprising ally (Maya Kay) who helps him hatch a scheme to sabotage the shady developer's plans.

Norm of the North is truly an excellent movie you should not miss.It will undoubtedly please the majority of audience because it is impressively funny from the beginning till the end.

Reviewed by river-94557 10 / 10

An Outstanding Movie.

"Norm Of The North" is an outstanding film for both children and adults.

It is a 3D Comedy- Adventure Movie.

I loved the plot of the movie about a cute,brainy and gentle bear called North.This bear peacefully asks for his rights in an incredibly funny and smart way.He talks to people too with a sense of humour.

The film is appealing to kids, teens and adults who would definitely enjoy watching this incredible film if they are stressed or sad.

90% real comedy,70% Adventure,100% Good Theme & Great Acting.

Off course Director Trevor Wall is a genius and all the producers did a great job because nobody in the cinema was bored.

Reviewed by doctorsarah 10 / 10

Unfair Ratings For An Excellent Movie.

Ten Good Reasons Why Norm Of The North is an excellent movie.

1)It is funny from beginning to end.

2)Amazing Dialogue.

3)Adventurous and interestingly impressive.

4) Great Music .

5)Talented & Experienced Actors & Actresses and not Amateurs.

6)It is A Top 10 Movie IN USA,Canada,Europe & Asia.

7)Amazing 3D Visual Effects.

8)Handsome Actor Rob Schneider Is Professional And So Funny.

9)A Great Family Movie With No Violence Whatsoever.

10)Lions Gate Company Is A Professional Film Company And Not An Amateur Company.

Actually this film was absolutely amusing for me although I'm not a kid.

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