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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by peter-2277 5 / 10

Seeing is Believing

Matt Thompson, the young writer/director's attention to detail and depth-of-field storyline makes the Night Sight movie a must see. You are quickly immersed in the emotional despair of what might have been, that can easily knock down any person. But the film's main character, Rich Hadley, accidentally learns leading edge technology coupled with traditional human beliefs may yield devastating consequences. With time running out, Rich must fit the Night Sight puzzle pieces together to see the evolving picture.

I encourage movie fans to follow this young production crew, many outstanding projects are in their future.

Reviewed by tim-arnold777 3 / 10

Unbiased Review

I refrained from giving NIGHT SIGHTS a 1 Star (awful) review because the film was able to keep me interested until the end. If a film is so bad that I either walk out of the theater mid-film, or shut it off on my home screen, THAT is an awful film. I gave NIGHT SIGHTS a chance because of 2 reasons. One, showed that gave it a 6.3 rating, which I see now wasn't true. Two, the film's poster appeared to have a couple of award emblems which indicated at least a couple of respectable entities associated with critical review considering the film worthy of some acclaim...however, the poster art does not exist in a high enough resolution to read what the award emblems state. For all I know one could say "Thompson Family's Favorite Film of 2011" or the other one "El Cid Best Pic of 2011". I give the young writer and director (Matt Thomspon) ample credit for seeing the production through, raising at least some of the money on Kickstarter, and not abandoning his vision for the story. My most constructive criticisms would be in the area of the film's audio track. Too often, the voice of one actor in a scene would be WAAAY hotter than another. I would have to turn up the volume for one scene, then get blasted through the wall by the levels of the next scene. The acting was high school level. Come to find out the film was made as an advanced film making high school summer project—so no foul there. Another thing that I found distracting was that Jonathon Lamer was too dead pan and looked a bit like Jason Sudeikis's lesser-known brother on Prozac. I realize that this film isn't too bad considering what I found out post viewing. But still, even youth shouldn't be an excuse. I see plenty of outstanding short films made by young independents on Vimeo. Mastering After Effects, acquiring some 3d animation skills, and making sure your audio is clean and well mastered would be a few things I could suggest. But FWIW, I didn't shut it off. Consider me IMDb's version of Simon Cowell.

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