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Comedy / Horror / Romance

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Maria Thayer as Deb Clarington
Chris Marquette as Chaz Waverly
Ray Wise as Frank Waverly
Michael Cassidy as Ryan Waverly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tokiwood 9 / 10

A zombie movie that stands out!

Loved it! It is kind of Shaun of the Dead kind of flick, a romantic zombie comedy, but pretty fresh and funny and entertaining and cool. The actress that plays Deb, the lead character, is fantastic, charming and funny. Ray Wise has a great supporting role. The music, the sound, photography, effects - all together made a very good movie in every level. The director played nicely with clichés, made a very light but exciting movie with zombies, and since there is so much zombies these days, it is a great success to make a movie that can stand out. Well done in every way! I saw it at the closing of Dead Lake festival in Palic, Serbia. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by kosmasp 7 / 10

Romantic Zombie Comedy

While I wouldn't call it flavor of the month, the last couple of years saw a bit of a rise. Not only of the dead themselves but a rise in zombie comedies with a romantic touch. Some worked better than others, some just try to be a bit funny. And that is what this movie is. It's not an instant classic or anything, but it does what the box says and it's entertaining enough to watch.

It starts off innocently enough, just to turn things up and speed things up a bit. The main actress is what either will draw you into it or appall you. I thought she was really funny and did a great job. Of course it's silly, it's meant to be that way. I mean the title along indicates that (how come no one thought of that before I wonder?) ... It's actually pretty easy to decide if you like this or not, but something I can't do for you of course

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