Navy Seals vs. Zombies


Action / Horror

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Rick Fox as Vice President Bentley
Sue-Lynn Ansari as Senate Reporter
Molly Hagan as CIA Agent Stacy Thomas
Ed Quinn as Lt. Pete Cunningham
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by onleybl 1 / 10

Don't watch it. It's really bad. No redeeming features.

The premise has potential. A zombie film where the protagonists aren't preposterously incompetent. Unfortunately, it fails to deliver.

The "elite Navy seals" are out of shape. This is supposed to be the best of the navy seals, but they send in a team with a new member having some issues fitting in, to extract the Vice President. They are uncharacteristically reluctant to shoot rabid attacking zombies, even when ordered to. There are blatant continuity issues. The dialogue was atrocious at points: "There's a suspicious suspect"?! They still make some ridiculous decisions, for example there was the "let's split up and look for clues" style trope. The acting was awful for the most part. Not the worse I've seen though. Audio levels are poor too, at one point the music was louder than the dialogue, making it hard to understand the actors batman impression.

Having said this, it's not bad in terms of content for a "low budget film". There are shots of helicopters, jets, cars rolling, some relatively authentic looking sets and locations. I presume the majority of these are stock footage. Apparently one of the actors is someone I might of heard of too. The money would have been better spent on the script, editing, and direction though.

Not bed enough to be good. It isn't laughably bad... For the most part. Better content by amateurs on you tube.

Don't watch it. Really. Don't watch it.

Reviewed by dezenzio 3 / 10

It has its moments

The premise of this movie is actually pretty good, but it suffers from frequent bad scripting and bad acting. Don't get me wrong, some of the acting is great like the writers and actors were actually on the same page, but then it's like they walked away and the amateurs took over.

The zombies were OK, they too suffered from some that were really good at it and some that just showed up from a LSU football game the night before.

The best part is the combat sequences that looked really good but it wasn't enough of it. If you have nothing else to do, I mean nothing else, then watch it once. I mean really once.

Reviewed by ace_ventura-69654 1 / 10

Worst zombie movie ever!

This movie is horrible in every aspect. I mean, how low could that budget have been? Please get a loan or something and at least put some good zombie makeup!! Special effects like fire look like they made it up with a phone movie editor app. Zombies look like my friends at Halloween with hand made makeup.. Navy seals look like they ate 10 times at McDonald's before they filmed.. Please get in shape!!! I am so upset for wasting almost 2 hours of my life!. Please save your time and if you like Zombie films go watch the walking dead or something like it.

This truly sucks!

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