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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wvs 10 / 10

Excellent Movie!

Thank God a good movie to watch!! No needed of violence of sexual-nudity expositions. Great humor, great acting. I recommend this movie to anyone that just need a relax and have a good fun quality time. Julia Roberts, Jenn Aniston, Kate Hudson, just EVERYONE made a great acting job. I don't really understand why this movie is having bad reviews?? What is going on with us? Finally a decent movie to watch, without violence-stress-porno, and people thinks is not good enough? I really appreciate there are still productions like this one. Hopefully more people will see it and will have a much better and fair reviews. WVS

Reviewed by Nicole Burnett 8 / 10

Much better than the critics reviews

I loved it. My husband and I thoroughly laughed until my stomach hurt. This movie is very funny and has lots of funny tag lines to laugh about later. I don't get the rude reviews and the harsh comments. I thought it was very well done and a different twist. If you are super critical and everything offends you easily, this isn't the movie for you. But if you like a good clean movie that isn't filled with naked sex starved scenes you will enjoy it. It is nice sometimes not to get cussed out and see every body part on a person. Just good clean fun is enjoyable too. It has many judgmental aspects, but it's a comedy, get over yourself. People make things too deep. The critics are just that, too critical. They rip movies apart so much it's hard to please them.

This movie is funny and as a mother (sister and child), I loved it. My mother would have enjoyed it too. I will be recommending it to whomever wants a unique take on a movie. I thought it was going to be sappy and it wasn't. I laughed repeatedly, my husband did too and so did the entire theater. My sister and I went on a double date, loved by us all. Great movie.

Reviewed by (antoonvanboxstael) 10 / 10

Funny and relaxing

I went to see this movie with my wife and we both found it funny and relaxing. You will probably recognize a lot of the situations as the movie is very much in touch with today's social reality and how people cope with it. It's an honest and natural story. Don't expect a heavy-handed drama but a good laugh instead and a surprise here and there. Indeed there are different story lines, in the end they come together and it all makes sense. The duration is OK, we were not bored at all. We feel the many famous actors must have enjoyed themselves while filming. It's of course not the most difficult role they have played in their careers however we appreciated their work a lot and left the theater with happy faces.

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