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Reviewed by hewito 2 / 10

Not really a thriller.

Someone here wrote a 10/10 review and I can only think it was the writers or directors family member. This movie tries so hard to keep you guessing that at the end it becomes very plain(like the pastel filter used in this movie.,I am sure the budget of this movie was very low(too much if you ask me)as its filmed in just a few locations.You might think its simplicity would reflect a much thought out script but it fails to transfer any emotions. Maybe I am not hipster or young enough but this movie I will recommend to wait until it comes in DVD,throw the CD out and use the case to balance your table,that is all its good for.


Reviewed by ethanzeenath 10 / 10

Early screening in NYC - Completely unexpected and fully engrossing!

"MONEY" is a well-made, really exciting thriller that stays interesting despite the limited locations. This is one of those movies that I trilled I got to see as part of the closing night film at the Big Apple Film Festival in NY (where it ended up winning Best Film). The premise is pretty simple. Two guys (Kellan Lutz and Jesse Williams) and their significant others (Jess Weixler and Lucia Guerrero) are having dinner at their home in the Hamptons when Jamie Bamber shows up and the twists begin.

There are many smart choices in the movie, one of which is to keep the cast small. For most of the movie we only get 5 characters and that allows us to get to know them. You feel like you're inside the movie, studying everyone and trying to get the edge on them by observing their mannerisms and gauging their personality. While you're getting inside the characters' heads, a strong sense of urgency builds. I'm no criminal, but I know that with a robbery, you have to get in and get out quick. The longer the plot drags on, the worse it's going to get because you increase the chances of more things going wrong. After a while you realize there are no heroes or villains in this film. Because the characters are intelligent, they're always trying something new and it kept me guessing as to what was going to happen or be said next. It's really satisfying to see a movie where people act logically; always trying to sneak past each other's defenses (both physical and mental/emotional) and you'll constantly be surprised by the new elements introduced. "Money" is a terrific thriller that really cleverly uses its location, creates genuine thrills and exciting feelings of paranoia and claustrophobia too.

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