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Zac Efron as Dave Stangle
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Anna Kendrick as Alice
Aubrey Plaza as Tatiana
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Argemaluco 4 / 10

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

During the last 5 years, we have been seeing a boom of adult comedies with female characters (such as Bridesmaids, Sisters or The To Do List) which have "dared" to usurp the scatological humor usually reserved for male characters. However, that subversion of gender roles isn't an automatic guarantee of quality, as the horrible Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates proves so. That's a pity, because I'm an admirer of Adam DeVine, Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick. However, they weren't able to do anything substantial with such a poor screenplay. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is one of those movies which employ vulgarity as an end in itself, without having genuine humor in its screenplay. And the least I say about the "dramatic" moments, in which the characters must learn something, or mature, or assume responsibilities for their actions, the better. In conclusion, the "female comedies" I mentioned on the beginning of this review are much better options than this piece of junk. However, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates tries it everything, and that might work for other spectators. Each one will know his/her affinity or tolerance for movies like this one. Good experience or nightmare without an escape? That's a real life situation which should be adapted into a film. But without Zac Efron, please (No! I almost achieved not insulting him!).

Reviewed by Julia Hjs 1 / 10

This is a whole new level of "waste of time and money"

I love comedies. I watch a lot of them. Cute, silly, stupid, clever - any. Some - good, some - bad, some - are really not so good.But this was a whole new lever of terrible. The script sounds like being written by 12 years old, but they usually don't use "f-word" as often. Who talk like that, even in a comedy? As for comedy acting skills - the girl who played Tatiana and Zach Efron are the only watchable there. There is no excuse for this waste of time, money and good actors. I feel really sorry for the girls and Zach. I guess, every actor has a film on their resume they would rather forget about. This is definitely one of them. I hope this is not the new Hollywood standard for comedies.

Reviewed by cathaleoin1999 4 / 10

Waste of talent.

I won't beat around the bush here. This film is terrible because it is a case of what could have been. The cast are the reason I went to see the film. They severely disappointing for the majority of the film. There is one saving grace between Zac Efron and Anna Kendrick where they are are talking while sitting on a tree. It is sweet, nearly heartfelt and was thoroughly enjoying. That being said, this scene could not save the film from having one of the worst screenplays of all time. The cast were severely misused in this picture. Aubrey Plaza should use her quirky Parks and Rec talents here and this could be successful. She doesn't work as a conniving leading lady. Anna Kendrick should stick to her girl-next-door type of comedy. This crude comedy doesn't suit her. Zac Efron should do more work like Neighbours, where he acts very well against type as a disobeying college student. Here trying to play the voice of reason, it was an uncalculated risk that could have worked with an anyway decent script. Adam Devine is out of his depth. It pains me to say it because his work on Modern Family is brilliant and he is great in Pitch Perfect. This cast did not suit the film. Their personalities may, but not their acting skills. In summation, this picture is not worth seeing. The story has some potential when in the hands of a competent director and intelligent screenwriters. This is not the case. Poor directing, a truly awful script and the wrong cast, your 90 minutes is better spent watching a Woody Allen film which will give you more laughs and no awkwardness.

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