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Alan Young as Scrooge McDuck
Wayne Allwine as Mickey Mouse
Clarence Nash as Donald Duck
Hal Smith as Goofy, Will, Ryan, Pete
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rebeljenn 8 / 10

Highly enjoyable and well-done

One of the Christmas programs that I always used to watch as a child at that time of year was Disney and Mickey Mouse's version of Dicken's classic, 'A Christmas Carol'. Disney characters are cast into the parts of the characters in this famous story. Goofy plays the ghost, Mickey plays the under-payed business partner, Scrooge McDuck plays Scrooge, Daisy Duck plays the love interest, among the cast of other characters. Think of this short (probably 30-minute) cartoon as the ultimate children's story of 'A Christmas Carol'. I have very fond memories of watching this, and it made me feel all Christmasy and anxious for Christmas. I wish that they would continue to show this and other Christmas programmes on the television nowdays. :( I remember the fear of seeing Scrooge almost cast into the never-ending grave, and the happiness when he learns the real spirit of Christmas. It really is a special Christmas film.

Reviewed by Merkal 8 / 10

Lovely but to short

After seeing the impressing TV movie A Christmas Carol from Clive Donner with George C. Scott as Scrooge I wish Disney made their version into a full classic. With today's DTV releases there's a market for it. Because this version is so wonderful, Scrooge McDuck is Ebenezer Scrooge and Mickey makes a fine Bob Cratchit. The spirits are good chooses casting Willie the Giant as Ghost of Christmas Present, Ghost of Christmas Past (Jiminy Cricket) and Pete as Ghost of Christmas Future

With animation by people as Mark Henn, Glen Keane, Randy Cartwright. It's my opinion that this short deserves a remake into a full DTV sequel.

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