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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BasicLogic 10 / 10

Much much better than the theatrical 'Everest'

Wow, this is one of the greatest viewing experiences I've ever had. The whole film put yourself as one of the team climbers with these three great, stubborn, die-hard, totally obsessed mountain climbers. What a cathartic therapy viewing journey! The Meru is just part of the Himalaya but more pure and an absolutely non-commercial summit unlike the Everest. We didn't see any littered garbage like what we usually saw along the route to Everest. When I watched this film, I couldn't help thinking of those films related to the mountain climbing: K2, Into The Thin Air, Everest, Cliff Hanger, Vertical Limit, even a old thriller, The Elgar Sanction. But this particular film would stand out quite uniquely. A simple narration, not exaggerated, not pretentious, not self-important or self-promoted with strong commercial stink. And the camera work, my, so crystal sharp and beautiful. I think 'Everest 2015' is way off the chart if compares to this one, plain and simple.

If you have the chance to watch this film, don't miss it, folks.

Reviewed by ericjams 10 / 10

A Rousing Answer to the Question: Why do They Climb?

The inherent drama of men and mountains has spurred in recent years a glut of TV and film that has blossomed with the technological advancements of our time and the "look at me" attitude pervading society so that everyone with a Go-Pro can film their adventures for the world to see. From Youtube channels of independent climbers filming their routes to big money TV shows that bring the adventurers' lives to our living rooms, the world of mountain climbing and adventure sports in general seems caught in contradictions. Always underlying the contradictions is the simple question of why? Do these individuals risk life and limb for their fame, for sponsors, for a TV deal or out of a unique personal desire and will that drives them into the wild.

The British climber George Mallory who died while attempting Everest back in the 1920s famously responded to the question of Why? with "because it is there". For the next 100 years, many climbers have tried to give better answers, and in Meru, we have a compelling combination of narrative and visual imagery that may result in the best answer of all.

The narrative stands apart from other films and documentaries in that it is not completely linear and veers off course to give the viewers appropriate back stories to inject meaning and under currents to the climbers' motivations. You get to know the climbers as people, and with that understanding, I think it becomes easier for anyone, including people who have never set foot on a snowy ledge, to understand why these people climb mountains.

The technical climbing is filmed by Jimmy Chin (both climber and film director) in a way that I have simply never seen before. As a climbing enthusiast, the shots of these guys on the walls of ice and rock are astounding, gut-wrenching and for me, completely inspiring. The organic relationship of the climbing team, their histories and ultimately their trials on the snow and rock of Meru expand on many common mountaineering themes - mentors, sponsors, risk analysis and contemplating death both yours and your friends.

Jon Krakauer is not my favorite voice in this world, but he is a voice that is adept at translating the mountaineering world to laymen, and his role in this film is served well. In the end, I strongly recommend this film for everyone. For those that can understand the motivation to be the first to stand atop a peak, you will not be disappointed. For those that can not understand the motivation, you might walk away finally getting it.

Reviewed by Michael Mendez 9 / 10

Boy, did I choose the right movie tonight!

I went with my family to the ol' picture shows, since it was Friday and all, and they all went to see the new Transporter: Refueled. I told them that I was definitely not going to see something as poorly made, regardless of how much I loved the first three (as an effing kid). So, I was limited to a certain amount of movies since theirs started at 10:30 PM, I had to see one as well around 10:00. I looked up the show times; last viewing of Bloodsucking Bastards was at 9:00 so I thought I was screwed. Then suddenly, I came across a new film I haven't even heard of called MERU.

This film literally put me through a whole mountain-climbing experience. I LOVED it so much in fact! I could not decide at first if I was going to rate this with 3.5 stars or 4. Even at one point I got to thinking it might stoop down to a 2.5 (shh), but it had its comebacks and moments that will remain stuck in my mind for probably all eternity.

Meru is about a team of climbers who want to be the first to top off the great Mount Meru in India (I believe..). Guiding this mission is a man named Conrad Anker, who I think presents himself as a great leader. Though, he definitely has that crazy, adrenaline-junky-look in his eyes, he is also smarter than you think. To aid him are two of his longtime friends whom he has accompanied throughout his travels/expeditions. Their names are Jimmy Ching, who is the sort of younger, optimist of the group, and Renan Ozturk, who basically is the weakling in the group; // doesn't stop him though.

I actually noticed how this documentary was organized in three acts, and it's funny because whatever I thought the movie was going to be about was ALL in the first act. Silly me! This film has twists and turns and though you may not get the best of footage, the (true) story is what counts. // There is also breathtaking camera shots; I love seeing a wide open mountain range; makes me feel like I can finally breath.

One of my favorite aspects of this film was the character development. And I know, how can you say that about a documentary? Well, this one has it! Especially, Renan who started out as the most annoying/bitchy character and turns into... well I don't want to ruin it.

This adventure was UNPREDICTABLE and EDGY. Especially around the third act, you will be bitting your nails. This is the kind of story that makes you understand more of the human psychology - facing your fears - With FRIENDSHIP and FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS. // Also, they speak highly of "praising to the teachers"; Learning from others and passing on the experience/skills. That is how things get done in this world. It also presents how many people come to finally accomplishing their dreams. // GOALS, PEOPLE! You gotta push yourself.

I liked how I had a point of view on things after walking out of the theater. I said to myself, "Huh, maybe FEAR is a good thing after-all."

-- Michael Mendez

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