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Jason Statham as Arthur Bishop
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Tommy Lee Jones as Max Adams
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Thang Nguyen 4 / 10

It is a boring and non logical film

The content is too non logical, Jason has no reason to scarify his life for a 2 days met girl.

For short, this film is only for watching some action scenes. But even with the action scene, it is a little bit affected when Jason kills everyone without any considerable antagonistic.

The role of the woman in this film is also funny, she has no reason to come to his life :D

I am a fan of Jason, but frankly, I am disappointed of this film.

I only rate it with 4/10.


Reviewed by Milos Radulovic 1 / 10

An awful movie with terrible acting and lousy CGI effects

I think that this is my first review on IMDb and till now I've hesitated to to so. This movie turned that.

Mechanic: Resurrection is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Although line-up crew promised that this movie should, at least, be worthy of spending some money, it turned out that this is not at all true.

The filming locations were really great and that's about it when it gets to this movie. Bad acting (predominately by Alba and Lee Jones), combined with unconvincing story line (superficiality of good and, especially, bad characters) and mixed with non-imaginative CGI sequences turned this film into my first 1-star movie on IMDb.

Luckily, I brought a phone with me so I could play some games during this projection.

Reviewed by E23-films 3 / 10

★★ - another unnecessary sequel

Everyone loves a good Statham movie, but when they're bad they're terrible. The trouble with Mechanic: Resurrection is that he never really looked in any danger, at no point do you think he could lose. Although that's pretty cool, it sucks the tension away.

Shelby and Mosher's screenplay doesn't help matters either. Some of the dialogue is way too cheesy, and there are tons of plot points that make no sense, which takes you out of the movie to ask yourself "why would they do that?". The action sequences are pretty intense to watch, but the fast paced editing and shaky close-ups make the fights pretty unintelligible. Worse than all that, though, is the hilarious animation. Clearly they did that bit last once the budget had all but dried up, leaving us with tacky, dated CGI that would look more at home on a PlayStation 2 game.

On to the characters - Statham is Statham, he does the same thing in everything and you either like him or don't. The real tragedy is Alba. She tries to have depth, but she's just there for one reason - a beautiful woman that Statham can fall unconvincingly in love with after a few hours. Hazeldine, as Statham's nemesis, is all over the place. He tries to match his voice and mannerisms, but completely fails and feels massively underwritten, whereas Jones (as good as he always is) is just there to pick up the cheque.

Mechanic: Resurrection is pretty light and daft, but has no substance or uniqueness. It's yet another franchise that really didn't need a sequel.


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