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Bruce Willis as Hubert
Dave Bautista as Stockwell
Christopher Meloni as Montgomery
Danny A. Abeckaser as Antonio Leon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mattdoc-60747 2 / 10

No Spoilers just BAD

Just a bad movie--- bad. The actors are there the plot is there, it is just a bad movie. You find yourself annoyed but needing to see it end. Don't live in Cincinnati because apparently it rains every day. Meloni and Adrian were OK, everyone else was bad. Watch if you want but it was bad- Made me create an account just to let people know. Asks for 10 lines for review so Bad Bad Bad. I could type it endlessly. The plot seems like it would have made for a good TV series or something. Every scene it was raining, didn't matter day or night. Bruce Willis is just not good in this film and Meloni has to many one liners and not enough background for you to care about his character. I'll wait for Bourne.

Reviewed by Tony Collings 6 / 10

Not Oscar Material, but Good Movie.

I was a little nervous going into this movie after reading all the reviews (largely negative), but was pleasantly surprised. OK, there was some bad acting on Bruce Willis' part but other members of the cast; Christopher Meloni, Dave Bautista et al made up for it. It was a great story with a good twist at the end. If you're a movie "sommelier" analyzing films for cinematography, acting etc... then you'll walk away with your nose in the air but if, like most people, you don't really care about the legs or the bouquet of your wine, you'll enjoy watching this. I don't normally bother writing reviews for movies but felt this movie was unfairly reviewed.

Reviewed by mickran 1 / 10

A decent story and action let down by sloppy film making

I'm not a film geek and I don't pause movies or watch them in slow motion to look for mistakes but this movie is full of noticeable sloppiness with casual watching. Some examples: a bald headed woman is obviously wearing a rubber bald mask as the bunching up and wrinkling of the rubber can be seen on the back of her head easily several times. One man smashes in a glass table three times with a very loud glass breaking noise each time even though we see that the glass disintegrates on the first blow. The sound is loud and really seems out of place as there is obviously no glass to smash the second and third strike. The bank robbers sneak up a staircase in a bank but the camera tracks them slightly too high and we can see bank full of security guards and people (or actors) behind them who don't seem to notice, for quite a while, several masked heavily armed banks robbers. There's more but I think you get the idea.

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