Love at the Christmas Table


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Danica McKellar as Kat Patton
Lea Thompson as Elissa Beth Dixon
Viva Bianca as Rebekah
Dustin Milligan as Sam Reed
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by the_doofy 10 / 10

An out of ordinary romance, revolving around Christmas

If you meant your soul mate early but put off the big ring event, and then spent a long time chasing your dreams, while still staying in touch with your soul mate, you will really like this movie.

If you spent a long time waiting for the right person to come along, refusing the advances of numerous decent mate selections in hopes of finding the 'right' person, and eventually did, you will like this movie

If you have made secret and very long sacrifices for some one you love, with them being oblivious to the fact, and finally was acknowledged for your silent sacrifice, you will like this movie.

If you jumped quickly into a marriage, and either gutted it out or eventually moved on to another and so on, you will not understand this movie

If you have had the fortune of having quick success and things pretty much fell your way in the relationship/ work world, you will not really relate to this movie

If you have not spent a lot of time trying to accomplish something, while putting off relationships, this movie will not be for you

If you have never waited a long time for a relationship to come to fruition, one of the messages in this movie will be lost on you

In summary, this is one of the most unique romance movies I've seen, and thats coming from one of those guys that groans through most chick flicks

I tossed it a ten for the uniqueness of the script, some people watching it just didn't get parts of the movie. My wife and I understood everything in it, and the undercurrent messages. From a lot of comments I have read on the movie, many of the subtle nuances of the movie go over the head of some viewers.

Reviewed by Heather 10 / 10

A+ Dialogue

The dialogue for this movie is better than any romance movie I've ever seen. It's witty while still having a natural amount of profanity and innuendo. It's insightful, especially a conversation about Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. It's realistic and gender-neutral; not mired by traditional gender roles or stereotypes. This is how real couples express their anger. This is how real couples joke around. This is how real couples have brief moments of true insight before changing the subject to something more light-hearted so as to not think about the uncertain future. This is truly a realistic and romantic movie, and you can see yourself in the characters.

Reviewed by Danilo Verginis 5 / 10

Average movie - the story how to waste your life chances in Love

Love is chemistry. You love or not some person. If ordinary people act like this the humanity would be lost for good. You love someone and year after year you missed your chances to say 3 words - I love you??? Please, in real world, you got one maybe two chances to say that to person you love and to find out what she or he thinks about it. 3 chances if you are very very lucky. In real world, when you miss your chance, you get punished. Your Love is in relationship (or marriage) with someone else, with 1,2,3,4 kids around. Your Love is lost forever. But in some movies like this, miracles are possible. Damica was great and charismatic like always. Great job Danica. The other crew were quite OK. This movie is not master piece but is worth for looking in pair by romantic odor candles and romantic ambient around. I wish that I saw how young and handsome man is fighting for his one and only true love. Maybe I missed something here. Salut for everyone! :)

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