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Gerard Butler as Mike Banning
Morgan Freeman as VP Trumbull
Charlotte Riley as MI6 Jacquelin Marshall
Jackie Earle Haley as DC Mason
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phil-sydney 1 / 10

A D grade movie that deserves to go straight to DVD and the bin after that.

If like me, you liked the original, this will leave you greatly disappointed. No breakdown needed. Just mindless cheese through and through. Whilst the original shocked (in particular the opening scenes) with a grandiose, beyond belief terrorist attack, London has fallen shocks with its stupidity, predictability, poor CGI, complete neglect for any realism (not a even a tad!) and tediously boring action scenes that would be more fitting for a new van dame movie.

There's no need to break down this movie and pick it apart. Because the whole thing is just one big, boring mess of mindless BS.

How this movie got over 6.0 is beyond me ! It almost falls into the 'so bad, it's good category', but not quite, so it's just horribly bad and you won't be laughing either.

3.6 Material.

Reviewed by s3276169 1 / 10

Entertainment or propaganda......

There are some films that have you asking one simple question: are they entertainment or propaganda?

Unless you are a fool who watches Faux News and believes it, London is Fallen is, in my opinion, a pretty blatant example of neo conservative, propaganda.

As per usual the hard questions are either side stepped or ignored. The Middle East is full of "terrorists" and illegal arms dealers. Yet the US/UK alliance are by far and away the worlds biggest arms dealers. Moreover, they are not too choosy about who they sell to either. Dictatorships and states who abuse human rights count amongst their customers.

Putting this simple fact aside for a moment. The attack on London, which is so far fetched in terms of its size and logistical reach, as to be implausible, pales in comparison to US/UK actions against a range of nations, such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Tens of thousands of non combatants die during the span of these conflicts.

The acting and general tone of this film, really serve to reinforce its message that the current crop of neo conservative Western governments are good and virtuous and anyone who happens not to share that simplistic view, is bad. There is a ton of exposition and pyrotechnics, to make the whole farcical affair more palatable to the simple minded but thats about all thats on offer here.

Lamentably there are ordinary people out there who will swallow this message and even support it. All I can say is its a sad, bad world we live in. One out of ten from me.

Reviewed by Mister Co. 1 / 10

Good Lord, this was bad...

I love a good, silly, dumb action movie. Truly, I do. But this one was just insulting... I felt like it was written by a bunch of 13 year old boys, cranked up on too much Red Bull.

Totally avoid of any characterisation other than in the broadest possible terms... the dialogue was just horrendous... the plot makes very little sense to anyone with the slightest scrap of brain in their head (what, most of the London police force were taken over by terrorists and NOBODY noticed?)and as for the SFX... you'd be embarrassed if you saw them in an X-box game! I'll admit, there was one good action sequence when Mr Butler and the SAS were advancing on the terrorists lair amidst a hail of gunfire, that was quite nicely done... but five minutes of decent enough action isn't enough to make me think that this film is anything other than an utter turkey...

Give it a swerve, IMO.

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