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Maggie Grace as Emilie Warnock
Guy Pearce as Snow
Peter Stormare as Scott Langral
Lennie James as Harry Shaw
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bob_Arctor 9 / 10

Thoroughly enjoyable derivative nonsense

I'd skimmed a few reviews inc Ebert's (avoid, even if you skim to the end, he spoils it) and didn't expect much.

Really enjoyed it. Yes it's a re-tread of Escape from New York but who cares.

Good pace, strong acting (Pearce is a given but Gulgun the real revelation - genuinely emotional stuff) Anyone who slates this movie has lost their inner child (or mid-teen) watch it for what it is, not for what you think it reminds you of.

Enjoy, and make up your mind before you let others do it for you.


Reviewed by tcbently 8 / 10


I loved this fun thriller, especially Guy Pearce as a wise-cracking agent sent to rescue the President's daughter from outer-space prison, where she's been making a charity visit.

There's lots of humour (especially in the first scenes - it's like Pearce is doing a Philip Marlowe impression) and the action is non-stop.

I was a bit puzzled that the inmates in America's top-security prison all seemed to be from Glasgow and that it seemed to be co-starring George Galloway, but the performances are great. Pearce is really cool and the psycho prisoner acts his socks off.

If you're used to watching thrillers, you'll guess a lot of the plot turns but overall I believe it deserves to be getting a lot better reviews. Overall, it was great fun.

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