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Reviewed by sasanoise . 1 / 10

Please take that movie back... please, please, please

The only thing I liked about this movie was the music and some of the pictures. Standing pictures. The whole concept of the movie is based on the situation between those girls. Lily isn't really played by a strong actress, so the opposition to Kat has completely failed. The storyline itself is not exciting, not gripping, not very meaningful. It is a story about girls in the beginning of their twens. From my own experience I can say, that they are barely adults and that is what dominates this movie. Unrational, childish behavior. And how this plays out over the whole picture, and how it is made and woven is, subsequently observed, very poor. I would have liked the movie without the conversations and without the video. Just the music and some art-like looking stills. That would have been enough. No ground breaker, no beautiful background or relationships. Just poor judgment, despair and a little failure. Do we really need that in a medium, that is kinda supposed to let us escape from that darned reality? I almost couldn't stand it till the end. But I wanted to see, if at least that was somehow resolving or meaningful. But it wasn't. A total waste of time.

Reviewed by Rich Wright 4 / 10

Just go away

Two Girls. One, an artiste, the other a hedonist. There are best friends. Lily is American, Kat is British. Lily finds out Kat is moving to London. She's not happy. Lily also hates her job. Her cheating boyfriend.And apparently, life in general. Kat just pops some pills. Gets drunk. And sleeps with everyone who has a pulse. They have a threesome with a graphic designer. Don't worry, kids... The lights go out before things get TOO raunchy. So, the only possibly good scene in the film... RUINED.

I didn't care about any of these people. Their tawdry lives. Their insignificant worries. Their non-existent development. Worst of all were the scenes where Lily talks to a fictitious psychiatrist in her head... I haven't heard such a bunch of fortune cookie psychobabble masquerading as useful advice in all my life. A complete waste of time then. Do drive home safely.

Reviewed by Ben Sherman 9 / 10

Realistic and charming

It's the first movie I saw that takes a very strong position against what everyone else is hyping: the emptiness of over-sexualized, pretty and nevertheless un-inspired women. Almost every scene seems to try to put forward some form of eroticism that the actresses realistically show. But contrary to common movies, this movies does not make it pretty, nothing happens and truthfully nobody cares. It is re-definition of what it means to be pretty, over-sexualized and again .. uninspired.

I mean, there is nothing that should turn the viewer off. The dresses are elegant, the women appear funny and are certainly looking pretty. But there is simply no magic in their lives anywhere. They are plain boring and it is a paid to imagine having to live with any person in this movie for longer than 10 seconds. So I think the movie is artistic in some respect.

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