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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by scoops35 4 / 10

Cure for Insomnia

This is a slow burn with some so so acting. Its hard to describe what that means except that it feels like it takes so damn long to get to so called plot points. Also by the way the big storm that is a part of this movie (like a whisper). Basically this movie is all over the place with its story line. John Travolta has seen better days behind the camera for sure but is trying to do a decent job with what he has to work with. Same goes along with Devon Sawa who is the BF to Kate Bosworth's character. It is literally an hour before the day of the storm with all these slow burn sub plots. clichés are numerous here. I honestly can only give this 4 out of 10 or (2 out of 5 SCHMOES) not fresh

Reviewed by connoreastland 7 / 10

Well it was worth it watching

I like the movie, and i was interesting from a point of view who haven't seen stuff like this, and you could feel for the People, Now the drunking part people moaning about, that just a part of life the put that as a Part of the story but there has to be part where the characters cannot relate or anything, and maybe this crew did hang out at a pub or maybe the didn't who to say, it not base on your life, but from a family point view, and it was well put together reason I've not give it a 8, 9, 10 is because I though i could have more Involvement, I don't know if a family down a line died out and it was the daughter left but you didn't full picture of the uncle in whole thing, he was a linework that all you got out it, and she related but he didn't seem to do any of the photo's now you don't wanna make it too cheesy because you will get haters, but you did have cheesy moments but apart from that you made movie worth watching.

Reviewed by Leftbanker 3 / 10

Like Playing Jenga with Movie Clichés

If they missed a single clichés for drama movies then I probably missed that because I was fast-forwarding. This movie looks like an expensive teaching tool for a film school basic class on screen writing. The grizzled old veteran and the young punk trying to make a name for himself are just two of the tired, over-done themes dealt with on screen. There are dozens more so be prepared for the worst.

It got so bad that at one point I lost track of which John Travolta direct-to-DVD movie I was watching. The terrible thing is that I actually like him as an actor but he makes such stupid movies these days. Does he have an agent? Does he have a pile of gambling debts that require him to take and piece-or-crap role offered to him?

If you are looking for even a moment of originality then this just isn't the film for you.

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