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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chu Wen 7 / 10

Worth Watching- Good Thriller

I don't know how I found this movie on my flight the other day, but it kept me awake during my red-eye. Sure, it is not a perfect film, but it is entertaining. I didn't read any reviews on it, and I'm glad I skipped them because the reviews are all over the place! I liked it. Wasn't my favorite movie ever made, but I was happy something entertained me during my flight. I watch until the end because it kept me engaged. Some unusual filmmaking, but better than some other films I've seen lately. Didn't really have known actors, but performances were pretty good.

I never give reviews on movies. Never! I went back online to check out this one, and decided to write a review. My first movie review, so that says a lot about Lake Eerie. I'd watch it again. And I'm grateful for the entertainment on my miserable flight. Plus, I liked the girl coming from the lake. What a beauty! Check this out just for her.

Reviewed by TopFlix7 10 / 10


This movie's greatest strength is its ability to build tension and not rely on jump scares. It really captures the feeling of what it's like being alone in a creepy house (my family has an old house and I have been there alone, even the little things freaked me out.) I appreciate the shower scene not having blood coming out of the shower head, that has been done to death and I was getting worried when the scene began. Dirty, mucky lake water was a clever twist to an old horror trope. Nicely done.

Bonus point for shooting the film using the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes are amazing and don't get enough love in movies! I would really love a Put in Bay movie

Reviewed by rubyopal 8 / 10

Artistic Film Shouldn't be under Horror

I enjoyed Lake Eerie. I recommend it. Period.

First off, I will say that IMDb is full of trolls. There are only a few people who know the ethics of writing reviews anymore. Reviews are not meant to spat idiotic, hateful garbage. It's so obvious these trolls know nothing about film-making, and apparently they want to give the film a 1 star because they want to balance the fake reviews?? What kind of logic is this? Anyway, Lake Eerie reminded me of artistic films of the 1960s. Such as Ingmar Bergman films. Oh how I would love to see the hateful, ignorant rants if the IMDb trolls reviewed Bergman films. My point is, there aren't enough smart people to discuss films in a respectful way anymore.

Being a filmmaker myself, I feel bad when I see other filmmakers being attacked because trolls want to leash havoc on the internet.

To me, Lake Eerie was meant to be like a dream. I didn't know what was real and I thought the actors performed according to that strategy. Similar to Bergman, the atmosphere is supposed to create dread. The other reviews (the negative trolls) speak of bad acting etc, but they don't understand that the filmmakers probably made these choices on purpose. That is the beauty of understanding film, and being able to notice intricate detail strategically placed by the Director in order to shift audiences' emotions to resemble the main character's experiences.

It is amusing to read the negative reviews and know these people have no idea what they're talking about. I'm sure the trolls want to tell me that I'm crazy, but the difference is I know film.

It is a shame that Lake Eerie will probably not get the appreciation it deserves because people don't understand the plot or that it is more artistic than mainstream. It is a shame that trolls are crawling all over this film for whatever reason.

If you like Bergman, and are smart enough to understand films like that, you just may enjoy Lake Eerie. Especially if you enjoyed Persona!

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