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Mel Blanc as Stray Dogs
Peggy Lee as Darling / Si / Am / Peg
Verna Felton as Aunt Sarah
Bill Thompson as Jock / Bull - the Bull Terrier / Policeman at Zoo / Dachsie / Joe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by grahamsj3 8 / 10


If this film isn't a classic, I don't know what is! This is a great story about two dogs who fall in love, although they're from different sides of the railroad tracks, so to speak. These dogs act more human than many humans do. It's heartwarming, humorous and just plain clean family entertainment! This is a film that has stood the test of time and passed with flying colors. This is one to BUY and keep! So what are you waiting for? Go buy it!

Reviewed by RobertCartland 10 / 10

The Life and Loves of our Best Friends

There is nothing as wonderful as the wag of a dog's tale. The writers, actors and animators, together with Disney magic, capture the unique and limitless variety of personalities that exist in the canine world. This film takes these wonderful canine characters and shows the world from their perspective. The adorable footage of Lady as a puppy reminds me of the behavior of my own hounds when they were pups. The beautiful "Park Avenue" Lady grows up and falls for the happy-go-lucky, vagabond, Tramp. Add a dog-hating aunt, a baby, some cats, some rats and the adventure is complete. The songs sung from the dog pound together with those sung by the wicked Siamese cats are the most purely fun of any Disney animation. The song sung at the lover's romantic Italian dinner brings a tear to the eye. Finally, Lady and the Tramp share a spaghetti noodle that leads to one of the most memorable kisses in Hollywood history. This is a wonderful film that will be enjoyed for generations.

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