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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mbrooks-8 3 / 10

What is the point of this movie?

Should there be a time limit for releasing a sequel? The original movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger came out in 1990, that's a quarter of a century ago, and now we have a sequel that doesn't even have Arnie it. What is the bloody point?

I'm not sure who the intended audience Kindergarten Cop 2 is, certainly not fans of the original, so my guess it's for little kids who like pee jokes and line dancing. Wait, do kids like line dancing? So if you want to see Dolph Lundgren get peed on, wear a cowboy hat and make out with someone a quarter of his age then this could be the film for you. If you are looking for an actual comedy check to see if the original one is on Netflix.

Note: The film even has the cliché angry boss who yells at our hero even though that stereotype had already been lampooned in The Last Action Hero back in 1993.

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 7 / 10

It's not a Two-mor.......

The original was a high concept, because it had the biggest action star against toddlers who would utter the names of female appendages without a moments notice.

The plot played second fiddle to Arnie Screaming at the children, and eventually bonding with was hilarious when I was fourteen.

Forward 25 years, and some bright spark has decided to make a sequel, or what I like to call, put all the bits that were memorable from the first movie, put them in the narrative of this one, and see what happens.

It's a clever move, because the people who enjoyed the film back then, have children, and I'm guessing its a safe bet, as it's nothing more than a carbon copy.

The plot, if you would call it one, involves grizzled FBI agent Lundgren pretending to be a Kindergarten teacher to find a flash drive that could potentially put a very naughty gangster away for a long time.

And it's your basic formulaic rehash. He's a loner who lives by water who exercises outside, the children are both lovable and slappable at the same time. And to begging with, they run rings around him........quite literally.

Then we have a young boy say the female appendage without warning, a girl needs to pee, and instead of a ferret, there's a stalking pig.

And we even have a repeat of the after who could be abusing his daughter. But instead of Arnie beating ten bells out of him, Lundgren says he will ask around for a job.

Oh the sharing, caring, noughties.

But it's not the disaster you would expect it to be.

Lundgren puts in a decent performance, his partner has the funniest line in the film regarding ethnicity and being shot first.

And it all finishes with a big smile on everybody's face, and the comedy fat man getting a taser to the nether regions.

It's not going to win any awards, but it's clever enough not to try and be anything different to the original.

Can't wait for the sequel to Junior starring Steven Seagal called Junior too.

At least they'd save money on a fat suit....

Reviewed by Man99204 2 / 10

Hate me for saying it, but i watched number 2 liked it!!!

There is one thing radically wrong with this movie - Dolph Lundgren.

I know it will seem shallow and superficial to comment on a character's make up - but Lundgren's make up was so bad, so incredibly bad, that it overwhelmed the already light story line. All I could think about were the incredibly deep facial wrinkles which made him look like a human Sharpei. At age 58 Lundgren is now a generation too old to have played this character successfully.

Aside from Lundgren, this was a generic straight to video movie. There is not one new or innovative idea in the entire film. Cardboard characters and standard settings.

The child actors in this movie had their moments, but they mostly came across as "hyperactive' rather than "cute". The rest of the cast is so bland that you will forget who they were half an hour after the movie.

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