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Nicholas Hoult as Stelfox
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AZINDN 9 / 10

Killed It.

Love British black humour or find something else to watch. This is black, sly, and so very not pc that it is wonderful. Nicholas Hoult is no longer that cute little boy from the movie with HG. He's grown a hunky sex body and is picking films to get away from the boy next door roles (Skins), and into the male leading man category. Kill Your Friends moves him up that ladder and then some but the film has its flaws.

As Steven Stellfox, Hoult is shallow and ambitious as A & R manager for a troubled British recording company, and he's not about to be penalized for his mistakes in music taste or judgements. Breaking the fourth wall, audiences are given his motivation and maliciousness in a gleeful narration that bares industry attitudes toward the production of milquetoast musical arrangements geared toward the mindless messes. Stylish and greedy, Stellfox's moves to advancement are not for the squeamish, but in Hoult's presentation, they are delightful to watch. Like a lot. Hysterical and entertaining for the bent in us all.

Reviewed by leonblackwood 5 / 10

Original storyline with some good performances. 5/10

Review: Although this movie is original, I did think that Steven Stelfox (Nicholas Hoult), took his job a bit too seriously and his warped mind and vicious inner mind, led him down some extremely deep paths. In a lot of ways, I did find the movie entertaining and I liked the in depth look into the cutthroat world of being an A&R agent in the music business but I would have chosen someone else to play the lead. That's not to say that Nicholas Hoult is a bad actor or that he didn't give this role his all, it's just that I'm used to his squeaky clean, posh demeanor, which I have seen in his previous movies. He was quite good in the remake of Mad Max and Warm Bodies but I think this movie needed a bit of a bad boy to play Steven Stelfox. With that aside, I liked the whole 90's backdrop and the storyline is well written, in a warped minded type of way. Steven's determination to reach the top, no matter who gets in his way, was interesting throughout and I really didn't know what direction the movie was going to take but I still think that Steven should have been punished for his actions. The fact that no one suspected him for the murders, was a bit far fetched but there were some great performances from James Corden and Ed Skrein, and the soundtrack was great. Watchable! 

Round-Up: It's seems like I have watched Nicholas Hoult, 26, grow up since his first major role in 2002 in About The Boy, because he has become a well respected actor who takes his craft seriously. In 2005 he starred alongside Nicholas Cage in the Weather Man and then he starred in Kidulthood, which went down well with audiences. After starring in the hit series Skins, he turned back to the big screen in movies like a Single Man, Clash of the Titans, X-Men: First Class, Warm Bodies, Jack the Giant Slayer, X-Men: Days of Future Past and Mad Max: Fury Road, so he has taken on different genres in some big budget movies. He's yet to prove that he is a bankable star in a leading role but he still has plenty of time to show gain knowledge in the acting world. This is the first major release from Owen Harris, who has mainly done work for the TV. I personally think that this film was a lot like the hit series Vinyl, which I quite enjoy, so there are some good and bad points about the film.

I recommend this movie to people who are into their comedy/crime/thrillers starring Nicholas Hoult, James Corden, Georgia King, Craig Roberts, Joesph Mawle, Rosanna Arquette and Jim Piddock. 5/10

Reviewed by Adam_West_as_Batdan 7 / 10

Sex, Drugs and A&R's

Pretty slick dark comedy a bit similar to American Psycho but set in the British music-scene circa 1997 about a A&R man who'll do anything to get a new hit.

Nicholas Hoult does really well in the lead I thought, doing something really different to anything I've seen him in before which mostly have been American films.

It doesn't have any likable characters but it doesn't really need to, that's not really what this movie is about after all it's a (extreme) satire on the music-business and if you are aware of the 90's music-scene you can easily tell some groups that are being poked fun of, but mostly it's about the people behind the scenes.

I can't really say too much more about it than that as I might end up spoiling something, but yeah it's a pretty cool flick, fairly fast paced and with a rocking 90's soundtrack to match.

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