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Ron Perlman as Barry Lerner
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John C. McGinley as John Grefard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by azan-saigol7 8 / 10

Baked like a cake

Here is your average stoner movie Mixed in with a little bit of what not to do if you sell drugs,

the movie has some if not all scenes where drug use is exhibited. The start as usual is slow, however once the user gets into the movie it's like a really good book that you can't keep away from. Based on away true story the movie has its high and low moments along with a lot of comedy and nudity involved. Worth the hour and forty minutes of anyone's time. Mixing a bit of the wolf of wall Street and project X this movie makes the perfect stoner party ready for all. New actors play suitable roles, hopefully going onto better brighter things, Just like pain in gain this movie takes a serious real life situation and brings comedy and makes a good Hollywood blockbuster out of it

Reviewed by in1984 8 / 10

Amusing, Sexy, and Educational

8.25 of 10. This is a reality based version of How to Make Money Selling Drugs (2012). It also takes a different approach in the lessons embedded in the story by providing many examples of exactly what not to do. Neither are documentaries, but at the same time contain a great deal of surprising truths.

Besides learning by counter-example and having lots of amusing, stranger than fiction scenes, the film throws in the one thing that is exactly what you'd expect with young people with lots of money stuck in Idaho: lots of partying, pursuit of the beautiful, and sex. The filming and perspectives also capture, at least with the women, parts and views that rarely get done well in film or TV. There's an actual appreciation and understanding of women's bodies by the director and camera crew.

Despite the fun, sex, and young cast, the film as a whole is a well-acted tragedy with a deep impact.

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