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Steven Williams as Creighton Duke
Erin Gray as Diana Kimble
Julie Michaels as Agent Elizabeth Marcus
Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees / Security Guard #2 / Freddy Krueger's arm
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andell 1 / 10

The Worst crime is the murder of a horror icon!

Let's understand two things about slasher horror from the 1980's: first of all, they had a legacy of saturating their own market, and secondly, they were simple stories born out of the twilight of an ever changing world.

With this in mind, it would be easy to point out what is wrong with Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday- however for the sake of time, it might just as well be easier to point to what's right about it. The answer to that is: NOTHING! All you ever wanted to know about Jason is revealed, and once you know the dark secret, it will haunt you- except for a small matter of cosmetics, the "dark secret" is the same as the lemon revealed a short time earlier in New Line's bad "finale" to the Nightmare movies. Of course, the only nightmare about that film was having to admit that you paid to watch it- it is much the same with this piece of total garbage.

Jason, it would seem, is not merely a specter capable of regeneration with a great rage at those who he feels are responsible for both his own and his mother's demise. Oh no, the dark secret is that if you can find someone who shares his father's blood line (cause lets face it, his mother was not born a Voorhees), then you can see Jason finally put to death, or you can see him re-born. Guess what happens here.

Except the rebirth is anti-climatic because he is nothing more than the same twisted mass of flesh that he was before he was blown apart by bombs and bullets at the beginning of the movie. And apparently genetics has a preference for certain types of clothing, and a certain mask because he is reborn with both.

In one laughable sequence, you would be forgiven for thinking "Jason" (or as I'd like to refer to him as...the Imposter) being reborn meant the world would end, however a mere 10 minutes or so after he was "reborn," he is also summarily killed again with an ancient dagger (who were the camp counselors who ignored Jason as he died...some ancient Sumarian or Egyptian people or something? What's with the dagger that must be used? Why does it look like an artifact) supplied to his niece (oh, this is a long story, and is too tedious and boring to go through right now) who finds the Linda Hamilton in her to terminate the 'terminator.' You'll be in for your just desserts if you think this repulsive piece of junk is worth even five minutes of your time. Of course, there is plenty of blood and gore (as the Friday films always seem to have), and there is also plenty to gross you out- but if you think or feel anything towards the horror icon that made these films successful, you ought to take a pass on this one.

Even the soundtrack is awful!

Reviewed by mattymatt4ever 5 / 10

What the hell?

The ways of bringing Jason back just get crazier by the sequel, but this is the absolute craziest. Crazy is too light a word; ludicrous is more like it. The opening sequence is really cool. A woman's taking a bath, she flees from Jason, he chases her through the woods and BAM!!! Beams of light surround him. That's when we find out she's really an agent and a SWAT team jumps down and shoots him to bits. Now, Jason's body has literally fallen apart. Ain't nothing we can now, right?

Jason is taken to the coroner's office, the coroner gives him an autopsy and suddenly Jason's heart starts beating. Then, out of the freakin' blue, the coroner grabs the heart and devours it like a sandwich! Then supposedly, Jason's soul enters his body and every time he looks in the mirror, he sees Jason's reflection. Now, once we got to the heart-devouring scene, I was ready to puke--not because it's disgusting, but because of how idiotic it is.

Now, this isn't a terrible movie, but it's only watchable on an entertainment level. The story just gets dumber by the minute. Hell, the previous Jason sequels weren't heavy on logic, but they allowed the audience to suspend a fair deal of disbelief. Besides, it sucks that we hardly get to see Jason--mask and all--throughout the movie.

"Jason Goes to Hell" also lacks a certain charm that the other movies had. I'm guessing this was made on a higher budget and the director and producers were actually trying to accomplish things that weren't accomplished in the previous movies. But this is no more than B-horror trying to disguise itself as A-horror. There's only one cool death scene that will stick in my mind and that's when the girl is in the tent having sex, she goes on top and her body is sliced in half by Jason. Not to sound like a sadist, but that was freakin' awesome!

My score: 5 (out of 10)

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