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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ian Andrews 9 / 10

Enjoyable, well acted and very, very funny

I was privileged to see this film at the recent Frightfest and thoroughly enjoyed it. The acting and production values are first class, the story is great and the dark humour running throughout the film is very entertaining. (I hesitate to use the term "black humour" in case the reviewer who thought this film was racist is offended - eee- by-gum, talk about missing the point!). I wish more films were as courageous as this one. There are also some very nice homages to classic horror films of the past. Don't want to spoil it for anyone as the trailers do not give too much away but I would totally recommend it to anyone who wants a good scare, a good laugh, and a break from the formulaic Hollywood junk being spewed out at the moment.

Reviewed by ImTylerDurden 10 / 10

Twisted, tongue in cheek gore-fest

It's been over 10 years since I last saw a film by Alex Chandon "Cradle of Fear" was patchy but showed promise, I missed the next one, now we have Inbred. I am a massive horror fan and this film goes to prove that independent movies are where all the hidden gems are, this is one of the best of it's kind. It takes standard genre elements, backwards/backwoods villains, teens in peril, and mixes it up with the ritualistic behaviours of "The Wicker Man" with a little bit of "Clockwork Orange" thrown in. And then there's the gore! How many times do you put in a DVD with a misleading cover and misleading hype only to be disappointed? Well, a deceivingly low budget opening shot leads to a couple of startling special effects that actually made me sit up in my chair thinking "Oh my god that was actually stunning, you have my attention now". Inbred goes all out, using a combination of practical effects enhanced by CGI these guys have outdone pretty much anything I've seen outside of the most top budget gore films such as the Romero Zombie movies. It gave me a feeling I've not had in years where the special effects are fresh and startling and can actually be showcased. At times the rituals of the yokels get really twisted and weird and because the effects are gut wrenchingly disturbing I actually did start to feel a few twinges of dread at a couple of points at the thought of what I might be about to see, especially when they suddenly brought phallic vegetables and a horse into the equation. Hard to believe too that despite all this I found myself laughing, it has oh so black humour and bizarre over the top bumpkin caricatures. It's bonkers, shocking, nasty, and hilarious. Just bravo to everyone involved and thank you for giving fans the perfect horror treat, it's superb.

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