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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MovieLord23 6 / 10

Another uneven horror anthology

Horror anthologies seem to be the next big trend in the genre now after the big influx of supernatural horror. Holidays is the next big anthology to come out and it features plenty of big names in horror who tackle a different holiday in the year. The result is a very uneven movie that is interesting in concept more than execution. I will review each segment individually.

Valentine's Day: This was a fun segment to start the film. It focused on a girl with a crush on her swim instructor and how she will go all the way to show her love. It was entertaining and featured some funny moments and it had the appropriate length. 7/10

St. Patrick's Day: This is about a teacher who wants a baby and later gets impregnated by something with the help of a creepy little girl. This segment was interesting as it dived into the different mythos of Ireland that go beyond the usual leprechauns. It had some cool moments and the little girl was creepy, but the ending seems to swerve away from the tone of the rest of the film. It was very goofy and killed the impact of the short. 5/10

Easter: This one was another short that went the weird route involving the Easter Bunny. It had some tension and a crazy ending featuring some great makeup effects. However, I felt it dragged on a bit too long and I didn't feel that invested in it. It was OK. 6/10

Mother's Day: This one just dragged. It also features a woman with pregnancy issues and a supernatural element that could have been interesting, but it wanted to be more arty then anything. The ending again goes for the crazy reveal and goes against what they were going for beforehand. 4/10

Father's Day: This was the best segment hands down. It doesn't approach the subject matter in the crazy and gory fashion that the other shorts were going for. It uses a more subtle and quiet approach which I appreciated and it had a great sense of dread. Jocelin Donahue gave a great performance without saying much. 9/10

Halloween: This is the big one as it is directed by Kevin Smith and his daughter. It sucked. It goes for the crude comedy that Smith is known for, but it is not funny. It goes long with the jokes and it all felt crude for crudeness's sake. It didn't even incorporate the holiday in any fashion so it had no point. 2/10

Christmas: This one is very light on story with Seth Green trying to give a virtual reality toy to his son and his tension with his wife. It slowly unravels into a horror comedy that was OK. The comedy didn't really hit and the twist was really obvious. Very mediocre. 5/10

New Year's Eve: This short was to the point with its purpose which was silly gore. It was fun for what it was and flew by. A decent end to the film although once again it could have been better. 6/10

Overall, the film had one fantastic short, a few average ones, and a couple of bad ones. I like the concept of holiday themed horror shorts, but I feel that they should expand their stories beyond just going for gory and shocking reveals. It has promise if it goes for a sequel with new holidays, but they need to go beyond the box.

Reviewed by Dustin Ferguson 7 / 10

Father's Day - BEST segment, hands down!

I went into this with high expectations, and while "Halloween" and "Christmas" (the ones I expected the most from) proved to be disappointments, I found the "Father's Day" segment brilliant, touching and also terrifying. The manner in which the story builds thru the playback of a childhood recording, how she drives out to the middle of nowhere, and the suspense leading to where she was headed, all great elements rounding out a truly unique segment. I found myself on the edge of my seat from the time she started the tape to the very end.

"Easter" was bizarre and interesting and "St. Patty's Day" was pretty unexpected but cool. "St. Patty's Day" felt like classic British horror or something. Very elegant, artistic and suspenseful. The little girl did a fantastic job. "Christmas" suffered from what many shot-in-LA indie productions experience which was the total lack of snow, thus creating a true "Christmas" atmosphere. It was an OK concept, but overall not really scary or exciting. And I feel like the gadget the story focuses on will really date it in 10-15 years and seem silly. And I felt like "Halloween" was a total wasted opportunity. With the "Halloween" setting they could have done so much, but other than it being centered around 3 girls stuck inside on Halloween, you wouldn't know it was set on Halloween. No pumpkins, no trick-r-treaters, no atmosphere what-so-ever. Seemed more like that story could have been molded into any of the "Holidays" and I wish that segment went to someone who really cared to do something cool with it, as that segment alone could have really brought this indie anthology into "classic" territory. "Valentine's Day" was a classic style shocker and "Mother's Day" was pretty creepy, but had a weak ending. I was really hoping for a cool "Independence Day" story or "Thanksgiving", but maybe it was for the best since there was really only a couple standout segments. Overall, well worth the watch, even if a handful of the stories are throwaway. I'd compare it to "ABCs of Death", with about the same ratio of good stories.

Reviewed by JackAteSally 6 / 10

Happy Holidays :)

'Holidays' opens up with the Valentine's Day sequence, that gives almost immediate odes to De Palma with it's high school-heartbreak atmosphere. To make a short story shorter, the plot revolves around a misunderstood and exiled young girl would happens to have a crush on the school's swimming coach. After getting word that he may have eyes for her fair-haired nemesis, she retaliates through violence. This one does border on creepy as the feelings between Maxi ("Maxi Pad") and her teacher are somewhat mutual. But life is like a box of chocolate.. or hearts. By the time you see the credits, the tone does seem comfortably familiar. From the director of Starry Eyes. (5/10) The next segment surrounds Irish myth & folklore on St.. Patrick's Day. While I do have a clover tattoo and I love the color green, this was not one of my favorites. Plot follows an elementary school teachers who has just received a reserved new student. Ginger-hair, freckled and somewhat adorable, the young girl does not seem to integrate well and quickly upsizes the teacher with rude dismissals and eery glares. We are soon given hint that the teacher longs for a child and eventually becomes pregnant after a night out drinking. The young girl becomes eerily fond of the teacher as if she knows something she doesn't know. They reference Polanski in this one, but it's no demon she's carrying, something a lot more scaly. This one was brought to us by Gary Shore, director of Wicker Man. (5.5/10) Easter is never really looked upon with much horror, much like the preceding holiday St. Patty's. However, director Nicholas McCarthy ("At The Devil's Door") manages to hint at a surreal dimension filled with unseen terrors that leaves you thirsting for more. The Easter installment opens up with a young girl being put to bed by her mother. They have a somewhat intense and offbeat dialogue about the iconic Easter Bunny and how no child has ever seen him, or should. The same young girl happens out of her bed that night and stumbles upon something only seen in nightmares. Kudos to the FX team and any behind the visual the bunny, an image that'll stick with you for sure. Peter Cottontail meets Pan's Labyrinth. (8/10) Mother's Day...... a lot can and will be said about this one for sure. This sequence put me to sleep and woke me in the same damn sittnig, stressful. The overall downside to a lot of the shorts is they feel just too short. This is not the case here, in this indie desert horror from "Midnight Swim" directer Sarah Adina Smith. The concept is basically a young girl becomes pregnant every single time she has sex. She feels she is medically ailed or cursed. After seeing doctor after doctor, she is referred to a retreat house in the desert somewhere. This place is filled more with woman who are having opposite issues with fertility and she again, feels slighted. Somewhere in this drawn out entry, I dozed off and came to in time for an OUTRAGEOUS finale. It woke me up, revitalized me enough to rewind and rewatch. All I can say is geeeeeeeeeeez. And what was that in the sky? A devil? An angel? (6/10) Like in real life, Mother's Day is followed by Father's Day; without a doubt the most gripping entry in the production. They must have strategically placed it after the previous snooze fest, besides that ending of course, to regain viewers attention. I immediately appreciated the dark, deep tone of the setting. We are introduced to a young woman who comes home to a package at her doorstep. She opens it to find an old cassette tape player with a double sided tape inside, headphones included. She decided to play the tape, of course, and is jarringly met by the voice of her late father. The tape contains not only her the voice of her dead father, but it is looped with her's a young girl as they took a trip somewhere one day. She is quickly overwhelmed, rejects the tapes, regains herself and continues. Basically, her father disappeared years and years ago without a word or trace. She never got an explanation as to why. Until now. She continues to play the tape is led into an eerily-orchestrated scavenger hunt to find the truth about her father's disappearance and perhaps be reunited. This a truly beautiful built piece and again, is only hurt by the fact that so much can and needs to be said. The ending, IMO, does not live up to the build-up but I accept it for what it in this short and it does not take away from it's genius. Shoutout to Anthony Scott Burns, Happy Father's Day. (9.5/10) Halloween - omitting review due to word count (4/10) I had to go look up what this segment was about again, which sounds bad, but once I did I was pleased to remember. I liked this very odd and campy thriller about a man who goes to extreme lengths obtains a Christmas gift for his "dear wife". We all know how the latest gadgets get people in a frenzy, well the product in mentioned is called the "UVU".. and "UVU shows you, YOU". It does indeed, Our characters are forced to look at themselves and the ones closets to them in an entirely new lights and brings a whole new meaning to it 'what lies beneath'. Also, great cameo from Seth Green. Nice to see that guy. (7/10)

New Year's Eve was thoroughly enjoyable IMO and very unexpected. I'm not even gonna talk too much about it because it's best the end things off with a bang. Just know that two loners wind up on a date New Year's Eve and it's a countdown you will not forget. (8/10)

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