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James Duval as Horace
Christina Wolfe as Princess Theodora
John Hennigan as Hercules
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gabi-tache 1 / 10

not even a parody

this is not a movie, it's a bad joke.

shame on the producers, director, cast and all involved.

blood and sex don't always work, desperate ones.

bad characters, awful script... the acting... it's not acting, it's ... nothing, why would you create something like that? i understand money is always welcome, but, come on, guys, you have your names all over the internet, aren't you feeling a little bit nasty when you wake up in the morning? or, do you really think this is the way to success? I pity you...

One of the worst movies ever made, with interest. Stop doing that, be true to yourself guys... or, maybe, these is who you are and in that case... I pity you again. And again to make the 10 lines that are a must for this review, but I feel I already spent too much time on your nothing...

Reviewed by xburningx 2 / 10

bad bad bad and bad

This movie qualifies as a B movie it is bad from start to finish, the plot is paper thin, the story is weak, the movie is called Hercules but why was he in this movie is the question it is more about the general and hes princess girl friend, the actors in the movie cant act at all, the battle scenes are just awful especially when Hercules makes this wrestling back flip onto a enemy soldier!!!, Herculus is supposed to be the son of Zeus yet he has trouble fighting the main bad guy even being beaten by him!!

i rated this movie 2 stars and then i was being generous!!!

why would anyone make a movie called Hercules and then not let the movie be about Hercules ,he is in the movie but hes story is a sideline story!, Hercules has the power of 20 men yet has trouble beating up a simple mortal, ye right!!! all in all glad i did not pay to see this movie because then i would demand my money back asap! its a low budget movie with low budget actors it should go directly to DVD and skip the cinema!

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