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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by atlasmb 7 / 10

A Small Film about a Big Issue

This low budget production is based on a true story. It was produced by, directed by, and written by Lina Esco. The story is about activism in New York City to establish the right of women to show their breasts in public. The courts already said that women have that right, but local police still harassed women who go topless.

By the end of the film, the cause is broadened to emphasize all censorship, including film censorship. This is how it should be, as the display of female anatomy is part of the larger issue of self-expression and the libertarian viewpoint that we all have the right to act however we wish as long as we are not hurting another. As the film rightfully points out, religions play a central role in the creation of taboos and the exercise of censorship.

But the best part of the film is Lina Esco, whose presence as the central character of this film has an energy that reminds me of Angelina Jolie or Katie Holmes.

I did find it confusing that the film sometimes pixelates the topless women. Obviously, this was done for artistic reasons, because the film does not shy from the display of nudity, per its purpose. But this is a minor confusion; it does not dampen the film's enthusiasm for its cause.

Reviewed by Richard Taylor 8 / 10

Thought provoking at the least

Having watched this film purely out of curiosity towards the movement it really has swayed me to believe in it. It is not just about giving women the opportunity to walk around the streets topless just as many men do freely in the summer months, in fact it's hardly about that at all. It's about societies approach to female nudity and how we are censored from birth, forced into a mindset that sees nudity as obscene and something that should be avoided at all cost. It is the basis by which women and men are seen as completely different and therefore treated completely different. Woman have nipples, men have nipples, yet just because women have a little more behind theirs they must cover them up? When you really think about it, it's so clearly wrong.

The film was an interesting look at the approach of activists and, although clearly made on a budget, it gives a small insight into the amount that some people sacrifice in order to get a few others to think about something for just a few seconds in the hopes of evolving the way our society works.

Reviewed by frba-77865 10 / 10

Don't trust the trolls!

If you look carefully at the demographics of the people who rated this movie, you will see that it has received very negative reviews by men and older people. It is a shame. I am a man but I liked it and I admired the effort of the women who created this movie and the campaign that it wants to publicise. Does women's freedom to decide about their bodies seem trivial to you? If so, you have a serious problem, not them. I strongly recommend this movie to anyone who believe in campaigning for what they consider important. It is an uplifting story that reminds us how to believe in the possibility of winning against the odds.

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