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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by illterminally 6 / 10

The little war movie that could

The short and skinny here is, if you like war films (i.e. Memphis Belle (1990)) and want to kill 90 mins or so, this movie will do the trick. The writing isn't terrible...the story is acceptable...the actors are all unknowns (except Chris Owen, "The Shermanator" of American Pie fame) but manage to hold their own and deliver their lines convincingly enough. There were a few scenes where the the backgrounds were a little weak (poor green screening), but they weren't very long and weren't game-breakers. I have seen many, many B-Rated movies and this one was a surprise in that it succeeded in not being an A rated film, and at the same time, better than most B rated films. It's a diamond in the rough, but entertaining enough to not be a total waste of time.

Reviewed by johnhanley 9 / 10

Authentic aerial combat

I picked this up by chance at the supermarket and read the reviews before I watched it. I must say the two I have read are more than a little harsh. This is a very well realised and well produced film which seeks to bring a flavour not only of the mind numbing flying experience through 'flak that you can walk on' but the debilitating intensity of being locked into a maelstrom beyond your control. Flying these sorts of missions must have been far worse than struggling through the sandstorm which symbolises the fragility of man and machine. I found nothing to criticise not even the sometimes banal conversations of the crew which had a ring of truth to them. But the real hero of these missions is the plane. The enthusiasts who made this film have laboured hard to recreate the experience and tried to stay as true as they could to the period in terms of relationships and material. Of course, as they confess in the credits, it was not always possible to be completely accurate. That said, they have done a splendid job and only petty nit pickers will find anything to object to. As the producers comment, 'no B-17 was harmed in the making of this film' I loved this film and will watch it again - perhaps not as many times as 'Saving Private Ryan' but I believe even Spielberg would have been impressed.

Reviewed by teamleshark 7 / 10

pretty good actually

I hate seeing people unfairly underrating films because they are not happy with seeing unknown actors and graphics that don't reach super tech status...give them a chance, these guys have created an enjoyable b movie that easily equals anything that a more known actor can make. Why do you all down talk graphics and special effects? its not always the graphics that make the film,do you think you can do any better? ...i didn't think so or you'd have done it by now....this movie was better than many i have seen so far these last few months and as it was based on true facts i wasn't expecting anything overly exciting to happen but was impressed by the story and will happily watch it again another day with my partner.

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