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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by timlin-4 5 / 10

Lives up to the cover

Despite the mumbling actors, incoherent story-line, and dim lighting this low-budget horror does succeed in portraying a creepy atmosphere. But atmosphere only goes so far, and as the film meanders on, presenting scenes that don't fit together, and way too much blubbering from a grown man, viewers will probably start checking the clock. The director and editor were probably doing the same, because the movie doesn't build up to much and the ending seems rushed despite taking forever to arrive. It's difficult to say whether this is worth the investment of time, certainly the viewer won't be missing much if he or she gives up.

Reviewed by Karl Marsh 1 / 10

Ignorance is bliss!

I thought to myself, wow this film really isn't as bad as everybody has been saying! Then I realised I had just woke up and the damn thing was still playing. Indeed, to escape the awful film I had to create my own entertainment at the back of my eyelids, which was very enjoyable I might add. 8/10. I am a fellow horror fan and thought that the overall premise seemed reasonable and thus I gave it a shot despite the reviews and ratings. The acting in most parts was generic and resembled to me how most people talk the morning after inebriation. I am usually sympathetic and try to be open minded about film and actors as I somewhat generally understand how much work goes into making one however this felt more like an effort for those involved than a labour of love, from directing and cinematography through to acting. Well that is my first review ever completed. I just felt compelled to have a little moan ;P

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