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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bementar 3 / 10


Okay - Blackfish apparently caused a rewrite of the movies ending, presumably the species of the character Destiny. Okay... Pretty sure the writers had enough time to do some research and figure out that a whale-shark is not in fact a whale, and doesn't eat fish... Why not just feed the fish into the beluga's tank? Why not have the beluga 'speak whale' instead? We get it, it's a cartoon - but willful suspension of disbelief is lost when my 3 year old is calling out this sort of stuff (granted, he's been fortunate enough to go to the aquarium in Atlanta) There is no magic in Dory - in fact, it's greatest problem may be that there's too much Dory. In the first she acted as a great foil to Marlin - here... well... There's no foil for Dory.

Watch it again - as stated earlier, got a three year old so it might happen. Pay to watch it again? No. Do it by choice? No. Allow my kid to watch it again? Sure, there's worse, but then again, there's better too: frankly, "A Turtle's Tale 2" was better, with a fresher recycled soundtrack even with a remarkably similar plot line.

Currently Rotten Tomatoes is giving it a 'certified fresh' rating - I'm left wondering if there is an octopus writing their critical reviews.

Reviewed by philrealdeal 2 / 10


I watched this movie with very high hopes. I was a kid when Finding Nemo came out and it defined kids movies at the time. Finding Dory was significantly less impressive. The good: The move was very cute and the characters were fun. Ed O'Neill as a cranky octopus was especially nice.

The bad: The whole movie feels as if Pixar was pressed to come out with a solid movie and just threw this one together really fast. It felt very rushed and therefore the story line, which had a little potential, was hard to really get into and appreciate. 3/4 of the way through, though it felt rushed, the movie became very redundant and predictable. I was pretty over it personally and could have stopped the movie then and been a happy camper.

One of Pixar's lazier films and it's disappointing considering the astounding work they have done before it. If you want to enjoy a movie like this, just watch Finding Nemo instead. If you want to see the sequel to they aforementioned and terrific film, your imagination of how the movie should play out is probably better than the real thing.

Reviewed by Ian G Myers 4 / 10

Non-Stop Panic Attacks & Some Comedy Relief

Attention: This review is about the premise of the story and the reoccurring themes throughout the entire movie.

A huge portion of this movie is Dory freaking out about memory loss. She is constantly going to a dark place, as she realizes over and over and over again, that she is in a perpetual nightmare of forgetting what she's doing and worrying about forgetting who her friends and family are.

If you want to watch a mentally-ill fish continuously losing her sh**, beating up on herself for feeling inadequate, and flopping into a downward spiral of sadness, then this is the movie for you.

Luckily, for the rest of us, there is comedy sprinkled throughout. But only just enough to feel like short breaks from the usual punishment of "I keep forgetting, What is wrong with me, I keep forgetting, What was I doing, I keep forgetting, I am all alone, I keep forgetting, I need to remember what I was doing", etc.

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