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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Andres Rais 8 / 10

Me piaze (I like it)

Very funny film composed by six short stories just like "Miranda", "The Voyeur" all by Tinto Brass and some of their habitual cast or crew.

You can find an excellent use of the came, light and the red color that is seen in nearly the six stories, and the nasty/loose girls ready for pleasure. Do you like being observed? Another interesting matter that this movie includes. The last story is definitely the best of the movie. The name: Dime porca que me piaze!!! To conclude. It is Definitely a movie for Tinto Brass fans.

Non fans: Your choice. 8 out 10. Andres.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Nice'n'naughty fun

Notorious Italian smutmeister supreme Tinto Brass delivers six ribald tales about various youthful couples and their carnal escapades. First outing, "Alibi" - A man convinces his wife (luscious blonde Sarah Cosmi) to make love to a hunky bellhop. Second yarn, "Double Trouble" - Two couples get in on with the each other's spouses. Third vignette, "Two Hearts & a Hut" - A maid (buxom knockout Raffaella Ponzo) works for a kinky rich German lady (broadly played by Virginia Barrett). Fourth segment, "Jolly Bangs" - A bickering couple discuss their infidelities while lounging on the beach. Fifth story, "Evil To Him Who Thinks Evil" - A frustrated photographer can't get his model fiancé (tasty brunette Maruska Albertazzi) to engage in anal intercourse with him. Sixth, best, and funniest short, "Call Me Pig I Like It" - An amorous young couple enjoy their honeymoon in London, England. This is perhaps the most amusing and wittiest of the six stories, with a great cameo by Brass himself at the very end as a peeping tom. Brass relates every last segment at a quick pace, maintains a breezy'n'bubbly tone throughout, gleefully mines a brash and unapologetic line in raunchy humor, and, of course, depicts the raw sexuality on display in a most graphic and unflinching manner (besides the expected explicit lovemaking, we also get such racy stuff as S&M, voyeurism, and lesbianism to keep things lusty and arousing from start to finish). Naturally, there's a wondrous array of insanely smokin' hot women who show off their sizzling sensuous stuff with a terrific lack of shame and inhibition, plus even the guys bare their wares as well. Frederico Del Zoppo's slick cinematography gives this picture a bright glossy look. Francesco Santucci's jaunty score likewise does the trick. A pleasingly dirty good time.

Reviewed by Shuyskiy 5 / 10

Brass is always Brass

Fistful of erotic short films, just like "P.O. Box Tinto Brass" (1995). Half porno, half comedy - but really stupid comedy with strong flavor of italian 70-s movies. Now maestro Brass absolutely spitted on psychological stuff like "Miranda" or "Voyeur". Actresses looks like real "girls next door" - with cellulite and unshaved arm-pits. Don't look "Fallo!" if you waiting something from this film - it's for Tinto real fans only! So, Brass is always Brass! By the way, 'Fallo!' in italian means 'Oops!', not what you've just think.

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