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Aaron Paul as Steve Watts
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jlj9675-1 2 / 10

boring, whiny

After seeing the trailer I expected a highly-thrilling film. It was not. In fact, I was rather bored. I also like the work of Helen Mirren and Alan Rickman so was looking forward to this. I was sorely disappointed. About the only really interesting thing was realizing the scope of the intelligence personnel and equipment in place all around the world and how quickly they can all communicate verbally and visually. The premise was simplistic and I guess some writer's idea of reiterating the unfortunate consequences of conflicts between nations and unforeseen casualties, as if we don't already know that. I was not the least bit upset about the mission going forth and feel it should have been accomplished the first time. I was downright ashamed of our lieutenant and his unmanly attitude. I feel this was a whiny, liberal diatribe intended to make us all feel guilty but it surely did not work on me.

Reviewed by amoore-4 4 / 10

Starts well, then lectures, then bores...

This film has talented star power and an interesting premise, albeit this type of film has already been done, but where it fails is the inaction by Aaron's character and his unwillingness to follow orders. His actions challenge a direct order, and in real life scenario under these circumstances this would not happen.. he would be removed. It becomes a moral lecture on when it's right to take a life. The movie could easily have been a one hour show but it spends too much time debating and discussing the 'hit', all because a little girl is in danger. I mean, gimme a break... there are seriously bad people conspiring in the building in question and can be taken out with a accurate strike from the drone.

I'm not sure about others who saw this movie, but I was starting to squirm in my seat and mule out loud.. "just press the damn button"!! The movie fails not because it isn't well acted or the story has no potential. It fails because it is unrealistic. The trigger man would not see one girl as sufficient collateral damage when many high risk targets are at stake, targets that have not been in one place for years!

If you like a movie that tries to show the sensitive and caring side of a young inexperienced man whose job it is to carry out orders from a group of senior experts who've dedicated their life to tracking these terrorists but is allowed to stall the decision at the risk of losing the shot by dithering over the possibility (they debate percentages of death ad nauseum) of a cute a little girl dying, then you'll like this movie. But I think most of us know the post 9/11 world we live in and how lucky the military would be to finally after years eliminate a number of known terrorists with one strike and not dedicate 45 minutes of a movie to hand-wringing and needless prevarication. It didn't make me yawn so much as make me angry... see it if you like, and tell me if you don't start pushing an imaginary button on your theater arm rest...

Reviewed by ctowyi 9 / 10

Unsettling heart-parked-in-your-mouth film

This is a white-knuckled heart-parked-in-your-mouth "tick tock" suspense thriller. Hardly an ounce of fats lined a lean and mean explosive storyline, and this one is going to hit the "career reset" button for Gavin Hood (even though his last effort Ender's Game is quite decent).

Eye in the Sky towers above Good Kill (2015) on so many levels. They have the same story premise and both are spins on drone warfare, but their similarities end there. I really thought GK was a decent film albeit a tad too heavy on melodrama histrionics and it ultimately became top down heavy in its underlying message of modern warfare. EitS on the other hand is a complete marvel. It is exactly what GK isn't. It dares to ask probing ethical and moral questions but never cheapens the narrative by giving you broad-stroked answers; it will involve you totally and absolutely. We go through a minefield of moral conundrums and nobody will come out unscathed. The script is exceptionally probing and showcases all the legalistic, moralistic, ethical and political red-tape as parties, seated in situation rooms in different parts of the world (including a toilet), convened to decide whether a Hellfire missile should be launched. We see, almost in real time, the ramifications at every angle, from the innocent bystander, to the terrorists, to the people in suits and to the dude seated in a tiny room, his hands on the red trigger of a joystick. Innocence is indeed the first casualty of war.

Another reason this film shines is its refusal to go down certain genre tropes. You won't see the guy, who had squeezed the trigger to rain down destruction on collateral innocents, drown in alcohol and sucking in a line of coke. You won't see a woman going home to hug her toddler to reassure herself that she did the right thing. You won't see commanders giving you three-point sermons of "it is a dirty job but somebody has to do it so that the world will be a better place". There is such a raw and unsettling freshness to it. It may be a full-on talkie but I was gripping my arm-rests tightly and my wifey had her palms parked at her mouth, almost literally from the get-go.

The acting is all round immaculate. Helen Mirren shines as a hard-nosed military officer with a tiny soft spot for her underlings. Few actresses can elevate a film just with their presence; Mirren is one for the ages. This must be the best role I have seen Aaron Paul in since Breaking Bad. His role isn't easy, especially when he is stuck in a gamer's chair almost throughout the film. His face displays so much range that you would feel his internal turmoil as his omniscient eye calculates whether it will be a good kill. Barkhad Abdi, last seen as the baddie in Captain Phillips, has a superb turn as an operative on the ground, proving he is not a fluke. This is also Alan Rickman's final acting role and I literally count down the minutes that he will disappear from the big screen. The utterly memorable line he delivers with that quietly supercilious voice of his send chills down my spine. I am going to miss this fine actor.

Eye in the Sky is superbly cerebral and morally thought-provoking; a suspense thriller for intelligent people. It is impossible to come out of this 102-minute film and not have your soul shattered in some way. This is one of those films you shouldn't watch alone because you would immediately want to discuss with someone which side of the fence you would sit on and count the dire consequences. Is there even a right side?

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