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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FilmAddict303 6 / 10

No naked Salma therefore it's a bad film..

So far the reviews on here are pretty bad. I mean someone rated it a 1???

It seems most of them were either annoyed because Salma didn't get naked or because they were obviously expecting a totally different film than what they saw.

There's nothing new here, we've seen it all before, it's fairly low budget, there's going to be no Oscars for acting no brilliant script or ground breaking special FX but that doesn't make it a bad film.

There's a few reviews stating the many plot holes or how unrealistic it was but I think they just missed the whole concept of the film. I don't think at any point it was made to be realistic or a serious action film.

The plot is simple, the action is over the top as well as the characters and there's some subtle humor mixed in, it's basically a popcorn movie. If you go to see it expecting anything more you will be disappointed.

It's not a film I would watch more than once but it kept me entertained until the end and that's all a film like this needs to do.

Reviewed by peck-summers 6 / 10

Blood and Boobs

I have read some reviews before watching this film and it nearly put me off. I get a lot of people can't stand this kind of movie, but not every movie is meant to target the worldwide audience. Salma Hayek plays her role well and looks unbelievable. There are holes in the plot all over the place and some things just don't make sense at all. If you are after a well constructed storyline then move on and keep looking. However, if you are a red blooded male like myself and can overlook the many flaws in this movie and love action movies, then this is worth a watch. The numerous death scenes are great and Salma spends the movie showing off her fantastic body and thats a win win for all of us. So, in a nutshell, if you like looking at mamacita's like Salma and lots of blood and death then 'give it a go. I don't think this movie was made to be taken seriously.

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