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Nia Ann as Witch of Caer'lo
Jason Beeston as Mercenary Warrior #3
Carys Eleri as Witch of Caer'lo
Cecily Fay as Aerona
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Boloxxxi 4 / 10

Fugitive KnightsTemplar stop to do a good deed and accidentally become cursed. There's a lesson in this. MYOB.

A bunch of Knights Templar on the run after breaking with their king come across a village being attacked by pirates. After some argument about whether or not they should intervene or be on their merry way before the kings men catch up to them they decide to help out. Later they learn that one of the villagers, a young woman, is being held captive aboard the pirate ship. They commandeer a boat and go out to get her not realizing she has cursed the ship with an amateurish attempt at magic. Anyone who has spilled blood and boards the ship is cursed to become a gargoyle. It never occurred to this not-too-astute novice witch that those who have spilled blood and board the ship might do so on her behalf. And so unwittingly she cursed her rescuers, the Knights Templar, who must now odyssey for a cure.

Well now, lets see.....what did I like about this movie? On the up side I thought the dragons looked okay. As well, there was a not-bad-looking agile swordswoman about 4 feet tall who likes to strike a pose after she kills. On the down side, the movie seems budget-challenged; one gets the impression that the dragons and effects siphoned off most of their funds leaving little left over for a better wardrobe for the Knights Templar (their Knight Templar outfits looked like something handed out by a homeless shelter) and a tighter script (especially better lines for the Knight Templar who liked to crack wise; he was so not funny).

Listen, these are working people on a budget who are making an effort to entertain and make a living. I appreciate that. But certainly a little better script and directing could have given their limited resources more mileage since we all know that tons of money cannot save a bad script, and that, conversely, limited funds can go a long way with a good one. Hmmm, so lets see: 1 star for effort + 1 star for the dragons + 1 star for the sword-wielding short chick + 1 star for the movie in general. That's my rational folks. 4 stars. Love, Boloxxxi.

Reviewed by Jan Bazos 6 / 10

Surprisingly entertaining in an odd way

From the few films I've seen from the SyFy channel and The Asylum in the past few weeks I must admit DRAGON CRUSADERS was surprisingly entertaining in an odd way, don't get me wrong its not a gem that's for sure but out of all the others that included films like 2012 MOBY DICK and TITANIC 2, this film had a sense fun to it despite the fact the effects weren't ground breaking in any way, the costume designs weren't very accurate in terms of historical detail and the acting and the dialog needed a little work.

The one character who steels the show is a sword wielding woman about 4 feet tall who kicks butt like nobody's business and looks good while she does it and the dragons actually look okay despite the film's obvious low budget.

Honest opinion, the only thing that really sucks about films from The Asylum and SyFy is the fact that they get the film to a certain stage and by that I mean we all know the production value of their films and they all had the potential of being hugely entertaining but their main problem is not the cheap looking CG or the acting, its their scripts, if they would just put a little bit more effort into writing a better script for a film it would be so much better, they don't need that multi million dollar budget to make a film entertaining, they just need a good script and that's all.

Overall, DRAGON CRUSADERS won't please a huge audience but if you're willing to give the film critic inside you the day off its very entertaining.

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