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Julianne Hough as Meredith
Robert De Niro as Dick Kelly
Zac Efron as Jason Kelly
Aubrey Plaza as Lenore
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fauvederuiter 9 / 10

Dirty grandpa is not some French love story, nor is it pretending to be

I usually don't feel compelled writing a review, but when reading most reviews already posted I needed to add the following: People complained about the movie being raunchy and containing too much dirty jokes, what else did you expect.. it literally has the word "dirty" in the title. It is not some French romantic love story, nor is it pretending to be. It is a funny road trip story filled with a lot of "fucks" and childish (hilarious) jokes which if you like these kind of movies will definitely keep you entertained until the end. And, ultimately it even has a small underlying message to teach you.

If you are looking for something more serious, then please don't go and then complain after, maybe try checking out something else.

Reviewed by slaytech 10 / 10

Its been years since i have laughed this much

Congratulations to all the ones making this movie. It was absolutely a blast, and I laughed from start to finish.

Its a new take on a old road trip/trapped in a relationship plot that works really well with the actors. Funny, raw and a bit childish humor that Robert takes to the next level. The other cast was also pretty good, from the guy who sells beach towels for 50 dollars, sunscreen for 10 dollars and METH to the controlling soon too be wife. (See the movie, and you will get the line)

Every critic in the media is going to give this 1s and 2s. And that alone is a reason for us "regular joes" to realize this is an instant hit.

I hope to see Robert and Zac doing more work in the future. As I said before. This was the funniest movie in a long time.

Reviewed by locutis123 10 / 10

Did everyone here watch the same movie as me?

The wife and I absolutely loved this movie and can't wait for it to come out on bluray! Sure it has a crude sense of humor in it, but nowadays that is pretty common.Sure it is not Deniro's type of movie that he normally does, but I think he did a great job in playing his part. All my friends that went to see this absolutely loved the movie as well. Funny to me from the beginning to the end. Maybe a lot of the older crowd went to see this and found it too offensive or something? Not sure? I mean, it is not a movie that you want to watch with your kids, but I highly recommend this one if you are not easily offended and have a sense of humor like I do! Come on people! One star? Really? This movie was great!

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