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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by christian-larson 4 / 10

Good visuals, not much else

Desierto stars Gael Garcia Bernal, and Jefrey Dean Morgan, and its the story of some immigrants (including Gael Garcia Bernal) going to the U.S, but in order to go there, they need to cross the border. Then an American sees them and starts hunting them. First thing, the camera-work is pretty good. I was constantly impressed with the work of the camera man. Thats probably the only great thing about this movie. Desierto has absolutely no substance, it is just a simple cat and mouse movie. But it doesn't give you that feel of tension, because you simply don't care about the characters. The movie does not take the time to develop the characters, so we don't care about them, making the film feel bland and boring. The acting overall was alright, not awful, not excellent, just in the middle. As i previously stated, the cinematography is great, there are a lot of wide and long shots, so no problems there. The villain has absolutely no motivation, we don't know why he wants to kill them, so we don't identify with the villain. The blood and gore looked really cheap, there is rarely any logic in this film, characters do things without explanation and understanding and overall, just a boring movie with absolutely no character depth. 4.5/10

Reviewed by Brap-2 5 / 10

The hunting party

Gael García Bernal is one of many migrants who tries to cross into the United States in 'Desierto'. While he and many other migrants attempt to enter the United States via badlands and flat desert, the majority of them are picked off by a crazy, racist sniper. Bernal and a few others attempt to flee the crazy racist before they're left to rot in the desert.

This film pretty much had no script. What ever little dialogue it had wasn't terribly important, and the villain of the piece talked either to himself or his dog about getting out of the Hell that he lived in while near the border. This was confusing, considering how much he was defending his land from migrants, yet he wanted to leave the Hell that he was living in.

Also, when one watches a film in a packed theatre and people are laughing at important scenes, then either something was lost in translation, or the movie is a farce, and this movie wasn't lost in translation by any means. The villain was plain terrible.

At the Toronto International Film Festival, it won the the FIPRESCI Prize for Special Presentations. Feel like I need an explanation about this.

While it was shot in a decent way, one hopes that Jonás Cuarón pieces together a better script in the future.

Reviewed by monindy 9 / 10

Under rated

Saw this film at the Toronto Film Festival. Surprised at the average ratings this film has received. An edge of the seat film, that tackles illegal immigration across the U.S Mexican border.

A simple, yet powerful story that made me re think illegal immigration, long after I had finished watching the movie.

The actors and dogs did a great job playing their part and the setting of the movie was ideal. Watching this movie in surround sound, made the suspense more intense. This movie could not have been released at a better time, due to its subtle message on illegal Mexican immigration. I would thoroughly recommend watching this movie and look forward to its release on DVD.

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