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Reviewed by johnmorrisonofficial 1 / 10


Spoilers ahead.

I must agree with the other two reviewers. The revenge flick is extremely predictable from the start and generally gives you a TV- movie vibe. The acting was okay, but the ending was underwhelming as was the lack of character development for Michelle. No background story whatsoever.

Her lead was basically a freaking tattoo on Jones' hand. How did she find him from that tattoo? From an obscure newspaper clipping in her motel room? Her character is basically: here's an unhinged woman who witnessed her mother's murder when she was young; she hates dolls and cats. Oh, and she kills.

And what was the sound editor thinking? You can barely hear what Jones is saying during the struggle between him and Michelle. The music was far too loud.

Reviewed by msty_miranda 1 / 10

started good killed with the explanation at the end

I wish I could talk to the writer and director. Why would you have the music so loud at the ending during exciting parts to the point you cannot hear the actors . The dialog is being washed out by ridiculous music. (2) what in the world is the little girl doing? what was she ditching school? nobody knew she was home?? she's 6?? where did she come from? it makes no sense what she just appeared Then disappeared after? ,no cop investigation ? no questioning? trust I love movies I get suspense I get not adding certain things but really??? unreal story could of been decent it was killed by the little girl that I guess just appeared

Reviewed by Jonathan Rogers 5 / 10


i gave this title a 5 as it was kind of entertaining, there are a few films i have rated 0 and ended up turning of and this did not warrant that.

One thing i will say which is along the same lines as the other reviewers thus far is that it seemed more like a TV movie and within the first twenty minutes i had kinda worked out the plot. having said that it was nice to just chill out with a film that required not a lot of focus, it did the job.

An annoying point is the classification and Genre labelling of late on here and many other sites that put a film into the Horror category and this was labelled this as well as a Thriller. This was no more a Horror than ET and Thriller is what it was.

its mediocre at best hence my 5 rating.

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