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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pcdoctormario 7 / 10

Loved the Story and Cast

I really liked this movie and the story has a ton potential. There's the stereotypes and typical characters but they add extra spice and their own touch that make it very entertaining to watch. The movie progresses very well as far giving a back story and walk through and preparing the audience on what is to expect. I did have a problem with the "good guy" in this movie; Not enough back story on him to make him someone to go up against the serial killers and his acting was the worst of all of them. The supporting cast was really good. I really liked the preachers's wife and her little back story was enough to make you feel for her.

Reviewed by tdeladeriere 6 / 10

Serial Killers, Inc.

In the introduction, a hillbilly woman is (somewhat disturbingly) beaten and killed by who appears to be her violent ex-boyfriend, before said goon is killed by the lady's son. I'm still in the process of sorting out how this fits into the whole storyline, but maybe that's pointless, as proved later.

A few decades later, that same son has grown into a bearded and broody hunk. He's part of a group of disparate individuals heading to the desert for some sort of spiritual enlightenment trek. There's a preacher and his dull girlfriend, the goofy best friend, the sports fanatic, 2 bimbos, 2 worthless goths, a fat foul-mouthed lady, etc.. Halfway through, their bus breaks down and they hike to a ghost town. The same ghost town that, earlier on, a salesman "bought" the rights to the Death Factory Museum from an unsuspecting local. The poor chap must have been the only left resident in town. After some accidental sexual witchcraft, the 2 goths awaken the spirits of legendary serial killers like Ed Gein, Jack the Ripper, and a a healthy handful of others (including a bare-chested lethal vixen I couldn't recognize, but maybe she was only there for gender equality). The broody and hunky son makes it a mission to save his reluctant posse by absorbing the spirit of said killers, then there's some capoeira, and the Devil, and it just stops making sense.

If you agree to not try and make sense of the very messy storyline, you will probably be pleasantly entertained by the varied shenanigans. All the killers have great presence (except maybe for the aforementioned vixen, probably because she has no back-story in our collective pop consciousness). They are strongly portrayed, have threatening presence, and are prominently featured. There's lots of actions and gruesome killings, some refreshing nudity, the plot twists keep on popping until the very end, there's nothing to be bored with. Just leave your expectations at the door and enjoy the heartfelt ride.

Reviewed by a_baron 7 / 10

Death Factory

Where to begin? Well, this film is certainly original. A man who appears to be a survivor of the Rwandan Genocide turns up at a small isolated complex of buildings somewhere on the border of the Arizona Desert. Having tracked down and exacted revenge on the men who murdered his family, he already considers himself to be just about the baddest dude on the planet, but wants to go one better. He does this by summoning up six notorious serial killers, intending to kill them again and absorb their wickedness, or something like that.

Having murdered the owner of what was to be a serial killer museum, his plans are interrupted by gatecrashers, a group of people from a bus that has broken down two or three miles away, but they are all grist to the mill.

The big question is how many if any of them will escape? As one of their number is killed by this dude then brought back to life by a woman who wrote a dissertation or at least a paper on this sort of magic, that is probably the least important question to ask.

What else has "Death Factory" to offer? A bit of lesbian sex, some passable special effects, and the revelation that Jack the Ripper was really a woman. "The Omen" it ain't, but it certainly doesn't deserve some of the bad reviews it has received here.

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