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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by moviewizguy 8 / 10

This is what it looks like when filmmakers take risks

Deadpool is a triumph of artistic vision over studio interference. Little credit should be given to 20th Century Fox, as they had zero faith in the success of a Deadpool movie. To put things into perspective, Ryan Reynolds fought for this film back in 2004 when Blade: Trinity was released. Reynolds and co. went to shoot test footage that was then leaked online by Reynolds because Fox had no intentions to release it to the public. Finally, after years and years of BEGGING to the studio and the overwhelming positive responses of the test footage from the public, Fox didn't even tell Reynolds and co. that the film was greenlit. They had to find out online like the rest of us plebeians. If that sounds bad, Fox even cut their budget by $7 million AT THE LAST MINUTE, which caused the writers to scratch some action sequences that I'm sure would've been great to see.

Deadpool now has the biggest opening weekend in the month of February (surpassing Fifty Shades of Grey), the biggest opening weekend for 20th Century Fox (surpassing all the X-Men films), and the biggest opening weekend for an R rated film EVER (surpassing The Matrix: Reloaded). With all that being said, Deadpool is a hilariously entertaining film that works mainly because of Reynolds himself. His comedic skills pay off gloriously as the titular character, who gives so many quips in one instance that some jokes will be missed. Of course, credit should be given to the writers too (AKA: The Real Heroes Here), and it's impressive that this is Tim Miller's directorial debut. The action sequences and pacing are so good that you'd think this came from a veteran director.

From the ingenious opening credits to the subversive ending, Deadpool constantly upends clichés and tropes you're used to seeing in superhero flicks in the past few years. What's great here is the filmmakers had something weird and perverse and just went with it. Jokes about pedophilia, pegging, and sex run rampant, but it's never really dark, despite the mature subject matter. On top of that, it's also very refreshing to see a pansexual superhero in such a big studio film. It's unheard of these days. Fox and other studios, learn from this success. It's not the fact that a hard R-rated film can do well, it's that Deadpool also happens to be very good, most likely because you, Fox, actually gave the filmmakers the creative freedom to do whatever the hell they wanted.

Reviewed by jelimafish 10 / 10

Best Movie I Have Seen In A Long Time

Firstly I would like to state that it is completely hilarious reading reviews with One Star because the movie had "Foul Language" and "Sex Scenes" or that someone had no idea that the movie was inappropriate for their 9 year old kid. Dead Pool is rated R and with 3 minutes of research you could have determined if this movie was for you or not With that being said I will not delve into the plot but the acting and writing were fantastic. Ryan Reynolds nailed this role. If you are easily offended by violence, language, or nudity this is not the movie for you but if you have a sense of humor and want to be entertained for 2 straight hours you will love this movie.

Reviewed by Matches Malone 9 / 10

Seriously people? Its rate R

You have to be some kind of idiot to take your kids to see this i see reviews stating that hey walked out with their children and were offended. Are you kidding me? Take five minutes to research this film and you would see its not for kids. Freaking hit deadpool then IMAGES and you'll see its not for kids. People are so blind and stupid nowdays. This is why we can't have nice things. Some people are even saying why not make the movie PG-13 i mean SERIOUSLY??? Sometimes things are made for adults not children. The arguments about this movie if you don't like them should be it was lame or not funny thats cool but the fact that you say oh wow this movie is too violent. What did you expect? Do your research and stop blaming others for your lack of foresight. Seriously it's embarrassing that you need other people to tell you these things

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