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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 9 / 10

Better than the first movie in every sense...

Can't believe it has been 5 years already since the first "Død Snø" movie was out. Time really flies by fast, and this sequel has been long awaited. And it was with a great amount of expectation and high hopes that I sat down to watch "Død Snø 2".¨

Whereas the first movie was entertaining and loosely similar to "Evil Dead", then "Død Snø 2" has added more comedy, but also a great upgrade in budget, and it really shows.

Everything in "Død Snø 2" is just a step up from what it was in the first movie, from the camera-work, to the zombie make-up, to the production value, and the list goes on and on. And for the gorehounds, then "Død Snø 2" really offer a good amount of entertainment.

"Død Snø 2" is entertaining, just bear in mind that there is a fair amount of comedy throughout the movie as well, and if you enjoy movies such as "Evil Dead", "Shaun of the Dead", "Dead Alive" and the like, then you will most definitely like "Død Snø 2" as well.

I was more than genuinely entertained and surprised by this movie, and it is a very worthy addition to the movie collection of any zombie aficionado. And the movie has enough contents to sustain more than a single watching. "Død Snø 2" is well worth the time and effort to sit down and watch.

I am rating a "Død Snø 2" a solid and well-deserved 9 out of 10 stars.

Reviewed by Snaggletooth . 10 / 10

Dead, Dead, Good.

Having been a horror fan for longer than I can almost remember, I've seen countless zombie films, and while the genre has had life pumped into it on several occasions (the speedy zombies of 28 days/weeks, and the comedy zombies of Shaun of the Dead) in recent years it's kinda fell by the wayside once again. I enjoyed Dead Snow (the first film) but I'm not sure I gave it the praise many others did, preferring to just think of it as another (slightly gorier) Shaun film. So I came to DS2 with low expectations, I knew I'd probably like it, but gawd, I really didn't expect to fall on my knees and worship the thing. . Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead is without doubt the most fantastic comedy horror I've seen in years - period. I saw Wolf Creek 2 just a few weeks back and while the improvement in that film over it's first part is sky high, Dead Snows is interstellar. It's extremely gory, almost to the point you'll wonder if you should be laughing at things like child kills, wheelchair kills, even baby kills, but man it's fun with a capital F. And, it looks absolutely beautiful too, with the Norwegian countryside just sparkling (no snow this time). I don't want to spoil anything for anyone here, but this movie manages (once more) to revive the undead sub-genre. It's action packed, and dare I say it, maybe even a little moving at the end? I loved every, single, blood splattered second of it and can't wait to buy it on bluray. And make sure you watch to the end of the titles by the way. Stunning stuff. Long live, the living dead.

Reviewed by chetaninbox-668-54666 10 / 10

Worse was only the beginning...

I was waiting for this movie when i saw the first one and my wait was not wasted. This is the best zombie movie in last few years. I've seen countless zombie films but this one is going to stay in my mind for very long. When you started thinking that things couldn't get much worse that was actually the beginning of the hell happened in this part. This is a blast from beginning to end. The cast is very well chosen, each one is different and you really care for the characters. The main actor does a excellent job as he is better, funnier and interesting than he was ever. If you thought the first one was good, wait till you see this. Please don't try to find out too much about the movie just go and watch it. I bet if you like the first one than this is tailor made for you. I am rating a "Død Snø 2" a solid and well-deserved 10 out of 10 stars. If you ever love zombie movie you gonna like this one. I also recommend it even to people who aren't into zombie flicks because you are one step away becoming one. Don't waste time reading many reviews just go and watch.

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