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Gal Gadot as Jill Pope
Ryan Reynolds as Bill Pope
Alice Eve as Marta Lynch
Kevin Costner as Jericho Stewart
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cfmmcquillan 9 / 10

Great movie to see. Costner does a good job in his portrayal

This was a very good movie I am so glad I went to see it in spite of the spoilers people have been saying about it. Kevin Costner did a great job of transitioning from a bad guy to a guy that was just learning to have emotions love the ending of the movie. You should go see this movie in spite of the critics. I don't want to give too much detail about the movie but I really enjoyed it. In the beginning he didn't do what everyone wanted him to do and I think that is what made the movie good because it wasn't straight up predictable. Some parts you may guess on but not totally. When the bad guys make progress you enjoy seeing g them get what's coming to them. Go see this movie. Great cast too.

Reviewed by sherryheim 10 / 10

Really liked this movie

This was a really good movie, I don't understand all the critic's pans. Yes, there is a sci-fi element, so what? Jericho is a man who suffered a brain injury as a child that took away the use of his frontal lobe. This left him with the animal instincts of survival with basically no other human emotional traits as well as leaving that portion of his brain as virtually a blank canvas. The movie was action-packed, there were no slow points, the acting was spot on, the photography was great, the characters well defined. Jericho is a human experiment that the government forced to happen. The results are what one might expect from government interference in such a situation. If the world every goes full on crazy, I want Jericho on my team! I would go to see this movie again with a friend and I will certainly buy the DVD when it comes out. Costner is such a well developed actor and does a great job with the part. Make no mistake, that Jericho dude is one bad...

Reviewed by ljorewicz 10 / 10

Well worth the admission price

I absolutely loved this movie. I was on the edge of my seat the whole way through, and I thought I could figure it all out, but I was never able to see the twists and turns ahead of time. The thing I like best about it is that the movie - despite all the action, and gory action at that - is really all about people. People and personalities and knowing good vs evil and wrong from right...and how a person can know wrong from right, and then cherish that knowledge once one sees it. If it was a book it would be a page turner.

I was disappointed that few people were in the theater, and I can only speculate that most of the main actors are...what, too old to draw in the crowd? If so, that's sad, because this one is really worth seeing. Even buying a copy to keep.

And Kevin Costner deserves an Oscar.

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