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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bbickley13-921-58664 5 / 10

Slightly more serious at the same time way more ridiculous

Nothing like watching a flick were a girl gets into a gun battle wearing nothing but a pair of boots.

The two detectives from the first movie are back. This time with a new cat (the old one does not do straight-to-video, I guess) on the run.

Replacing the beautiful scenery of Serbia, with a not as nicely shoot New Orleans, This time a hot stripper steals blue prints from an army base and is being hunted for them.

Antony and Julian come into the case when the Julian's cousin, who was there when the whole thing went down, needs his help to figure out what happen.

It's far cheesier and pokes fun at itself and the original movie by being far more over the top, but that's what makes it fun.

Julian seems to get to be the better detective in this film, and this time both Antony and Julian get love interest.

The movie also dabbles in the area of superhero movie with the new Cat having a Wolverine style origin, and a villain who looks like a reject from an Iron Man movie. You usually don't use the term "jumping the Shark" when it comes to movies, but this bad boy changed genres and becomes a complete different, outrageous, element, but I found the whole thing noting but hilarious.

I really liked it. I found it interesting in ways that differ and the first one.

Reviewed by norman-washington-bent 3 / 10

the sequel fails the original

The cinematography doesn't hold up to the original as you can tell that they were on a limited budget. None the less the action gets spliced with humor that seems comical and changes the tone for a moment but doesn't integrate well. The writing could of been better and quite honestly they could of been more inventive. There were characters the were interesting but so many missed opportunities to exploit them fully. I was disappointed but mildly entertained. I'm glad at least the two main characters are in there but was very disappointed to see that was it and there wasn't necessary much continuity from the previous movie as the first one suggested that they created an agency which seemed to only continue in this movie as a brief mention. I want to say it had to be budgetary constraints otherwise this could of been a better movie (also poor story plot).

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