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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fallguy_jack 9 / 10

A Great Movie You Probably Won't Watch

A powerful and well acted movie.

Thomas Hayden Church - Who? Was exactly the impression he left on me before this movie, then I looked the movie up here and clicked on his name because his face was familiar... oh ya, The Sandman from that weak spiderman movie and wings. Not really an impressive actor -

Until This.

The average person may not make if far through the movie because it removes them from their "out of sight, out of mind" comfort zone.

When the pathetic kind of people who watch bum fights find out there's more to it than that, they will be less inclined to give it a shot, but they're beyond help anyway.

The few with the constitution to watch this movie will not be disappointed. There's a kind of poetry in that I suppose... Just like this film.

P.S. Remember - Food Banks can do MUCH more with money than you can at a supermarket, they can get produce fresh straight from farmers at waay better prices. Half the crap food donated has to be thrown out anyway, so do everyone involved a favor and donate money to food banks.

Reviewed by Sumit Guha 10 / 10

Really Mr.Church's best work

I don't really care about any body else's review . I'm an Er doc and I've seen homeless people for most of my life and career.He did a great job showing there desperation and how they have been abandoned.These people are human beings not to be manipulated and deserve the same respect as everyone else.It's not a popular fad to help someone in need .It's a need we should inherently have to help our own species.What else have we become ?Not driven by media but by emotion . Not by government and programs but by the the individual who gives that person a hug ( the burnt child that gives Mr Church in the final scene) .Thank you ,if you ever read this Mr Church.

Reviewed by C W 7 / 10

Attempt at tearjerker that doesn't quite make it.

Worth watching if for no other reason than its raw depiction of life "on the nickel' this is an unusual film. Its antihero, lured by a mere $50, embarks on a course of action pretty much guaranteed to lead to a falling out with the community. I've heard that the majority of homeless people are suffering from mental problems, and this aspect is played nicely by the actors here. And it is a community; this was the part of the film that surprised me most, the parallel world of the homeless, in which street sex is freely available, $5 gets you a b.j. and pussy costs $5 more. The movie is pretty much plot less, except for a rather unbelievable bolted- on ending that failed to convince me. Still, if you like grit and grime, give it a try.

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