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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Barry Wells 8 / 10

A very good movie that makes a very strong statement

Before I watch a movie I look at the plot summary and read a few reviews. There are a some very negative reviews of this movie here on IMDb and I am left wondering why these people watched the movie? A few seemed to think there should be more fighting and sophisticated effects. Some seemed to think there should have been a stronger story line. This is not that kind of movie folks. This is the kind of movie that requires the viewer to engage and think about the human condition. If you want banging and smashing action or a fairy tale story don't bother watching this movie. If your attention span is just long enough to manage handfuls of popcorn don't watch this movie. If you want to be engaged in a thought process then you are in for a treat. I was reminded very much of the classic war movie "Hell in the Pacific" as I watched. Here the two characters are comrades rather than adversaries but there are similarities in the lack of a common language and the reliance on strong visual images. I don't want to give away the plot or ending but without spoiling anything I can say the penultimate scene makes a very strong statement about how we remember the victims of a war. In summary people should watch movies according to their tastes. If you want big budget Hollywood action and a story don't bother with this movie, and moreover don't half watch it without concentrating and write a lambasting review. If you want something more existential and thought provoking, I recommend this movie to you.

Reviewed by rkerver-1 8 / 10

amazing with few, little money and no dialog

Its amazing what can be achieved with a small crew and low budget. But with a vision of telling a compelling story and a good camera. This film has very little dialog or musical accompaniment. The audio track is astounding, as we're dropped into a rain-forest that's been overrun by the Japanese during WWII. We get the sounds of war and the jungle. I was riveted. I love the close encounters with the life of the place. Feel the bugs crawling on my skin. A unique piece of cinematic art deserving of positive critical review. I've seen lots of WWII movies over the years, but nothing like this. Another plus: none of the blood or violence or men with guns that is usual with the genre. More awards please!

Reviewed by m-z-de 2 / 10

snooze fest

I feel the movie missed its target of giving the viewer empathy of the Main character and did not give due to credit to those that endured this fate. Very little information of the 'fight' with the environment; I would have thought a pilot in this situation would have faced more than some splashing through puddles and a few bull ants e.g.Fatigue, hunger, dysentery from only water source available. Little effort to show the language barriers as main characters made few if any attempts to communicate with each other. Obvious costume and editing errors; disappointing to an observant viewer. Very long draw out periods of repetitive views of foliage canopy.

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