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Renée Zellweger as Bridget Jones
Colin Firth as Mark Darcy
Patrick Dempsey as Jack Qwant
Jim Broadbent as Mr. Colin Jones
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by D L 4 / 10

Bridget Jones Fades Away

The first ever Bridget Jones movie felt magical to watch. I had so much more in mind for Bridget and I felt Bridget Jones had so much more potential but this was ruined in the sequel as well as Bridget Jones baby. It's disappointing and sad to see what will probably be the last Bridget Jones movie to fade away and end without a bang. It just didn't hit it for me and Bridget Jones baby feels like a cheap UK revival of a movie made purely for profit. Renee zellweger is one of my favourite actors - but Bridget Jones doesn't feel the same without Hugh grant. What an amazing movie made an absolute wreck of. I wouldn't recommend any Bridget Jones fan to see this. However - it does have a few laughs throughout the movie and is watchable if you aren't going to take it too seriously.

Reviewed by istara f 10 / 10

Absolutely lovely, very funny film

Bridget Jones's Baby was consistently funny and also moving from start to finish. The audience at the showing I attended were laughing throughout.

The plot is well known (from the title and movie poster if nothing else!) but essentially Bridget Jones has split from Mark Darcy some years ago. She's been single for a while and has a one-night stand with a very handsome American (Patrick Dempsey) who turns out to be a billionaire internet entrepreneur. A few days later she gets drunk and hooks up with Marc Darcy after a christening. A few weeks later she takes a pregnancy test, and then has no idea who the baby's father is. She declines an amniocentesis so spends the entire pregnancy with the two potential fathers fighting over both her and the baby.

It's a very strong cast, Emma Thompson in particular is a wonderful addition as Bridget's obstetrician, as is Sarah Solemani who plays Bridget's friend and colleague, the TV presenter Miranda. The scenes at the TV station are very amusing.

You know you're in for a 100% happy ending with a film like this, so you can really sit back and enjoy the ride. There's only one way the plot could really end, but it does very well to keep you guessing nonetheless.

I have no idea why this movie only (as of writing this) only has an average review of 6.2. I can only imagine that the kinds of people who like to sneer at anything "feel good" or romantic simply spend their time trashing such films.

To sum up: it's a very entertaining and enjoyable film. It would probably be best to see the first Bridget Jones film first (you could easily skip the second) or at least have read the book, but even if this is your first "Bridget Experience", you'll have a good time watching it.

Reviewed by terryperring104 3 / 10

Left before the end..

..We left before the end and frankly couldn't give a tinkers cuss whose baby it was. My girlfriend and I decided to go home and read some old Beano comics from the 80's, as that would be fresher, funnier and braver than this new stinker. Why? (Okay, a deep breath now...)...Bridgette Jones Baby was:-

Twee; predictable; safe; lack-lustre and tired; unimaginative; uninspired; badly written; poorly directed; ( And poorly photographed for that matter-not the best cinematography I've ever seen)- cont.. Gauche and just absolutely, embarrassingly and bewilderingly bad. Just as bewildering was the laughter from the audience, mostly females, and of a type. By that I mean the type who laugh at ANYTHING that is slightly different, in action or intention, to what is a social norm' expectation. The Type who would wet themselves laughing when, in Last of the Summer Wine, Compo falls into the canal for the umpteenth time, but most people would see it coming and yawn, 'oh no. Not again' Avoid this film if you have a well developed sense of humour. But DO go, if you like people falling into mud quagmires and you laugh at middle class people saying 'C**k or F*** 3/10 (and that's generous)

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